Works whose clearly delineated islands of colour are connected across hazy varnish. They all derive from moss — sometimes quite obviously and brutely, sometimes secretly growing.

Lenia Hauser’s (*1989) abstract paintings show her interest in geographical structures and the ground beneath our feet. The coming together of drifting amorphous forms and overlapping planes is reminiscent of irregularly carved pavements and roads, rugged landscapes of lava and moss, puzzles of micro and macro images.

Exhibition: Lenia Hauser. be moss, my friend
Exhibition duration: 04.03.2023 till 16.04.2023

Les Nouveaux Riches Interview with Lenia Hauser

Lenia Hauser –

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Lenia Hauser

Lenia Hauser ist eine deutsch-schweizerische Malerin, die in Halle lebt. Nach dem Studium in Düsseldorf und Halle arbeitete sie mehrere Jahre als Illustratorin, bis sie entschied großformatig zu malen.