Wien Mode

Fashion. Carol from Lisbon x LNR

Hallü Wien. Carol from Lisbon teamed up with Les Nouveaux Riches Magazine for a very süß collab.⁠ Nostalgia, mixed with an odd interpretation of what this beautiful country (Austria) has to offer, were the main ingredients for this alliance.

The collection is a perfect summer kit. Which means you can shine bright almost from head to toes, with our glorious and colorful caps, t-shirts, swimming shorts and bags.

“chill o‘ clock“ is a collaboration between Carol from Lisbon and Les Nouveaux Riches, produced by Good Kids Bad Society. Txxüüs.

Design: Carol from Lisbon
Coordinated by: Les Nouveaux Riches
Produced by: Good Kids Bad Society
Models: Anastasia Slavinskaya and Sebastian Rzepa

LNR x Carol from Lisbon. Bag

Art.-Nr. LNR-12
Style: Bag, Weiss
Limitierte Auflage (10 Stück)
Motive: Austrian house(2), Austrian dog(4), Austrian flowers(4)
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Versand: 2,50 € Porto
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