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Porträt Maria Pia Lattanzi, 2021, Foto: Gregor Neupert

In der Ausstellung „MOTUS“ befasst sich die Künstlerin Maria Pia Lattanzi mit dem Thema „Familie“ sowie dem Verhältnis zwischen „Mensch und Tier“ in einer narrativen Form.

Zhang, Wenrong The Great Landscape, 2012, Oil on canvas, 180 x 250 cm

Zhang Wenrong’s paintings are delicate and ambiguous, narrating the complex relationship between an individual and fast-changing China, world concerns, and the myriad of confusions around us.

Simone Menegoi & Enea Righi. Foto: Alessandro Trapezio

In 2024 Arte Fiera celebrates 50 years since the first edition, making it the first art fair in Italy, and one of the first in Europe. The next edition of Arte Fiera will be held from 3 to 5 February 2023.

While I float

Walking among these strange new surroundings, I keep wondering, are they just as suspicious of me as I am of them? I leave parts of myself behind wherever I go, and now I’m reassembling.

Rundgang 2023

Every year at the end of January, the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna invites visitors to the Open Days of the collections, classes and studios of all the institutes at all locations.

Exhibition view

An almost dystopian, but Dionysian scenery opens up to visitors upon entering the factory halls. In strict dramaturgy, the show leads its visitors from one highlight to the next.

Artists: Anita Schmid, Fernanda Caballero, Georgij Melnikov, Israel Urmeer, Julian Madero Islas, Katharina Kostroubina, Paulina Semkowicz, Sofia Cruz Rocha

The title of the exhibition „across myself“ reflects the main concept of the exhibition which implies the complexity of the connection between the individual and their connection with other beings.


Diese Ausstellung ist eine Fortsetzung von ihren früherer Arbeit, in der sie die Geschlechterrollen der Konsumgesellschaft durch die Neuinterpretation von Bildern aus alten Haushaltskatalogen thematisiertet.

Mariya Vasilyeva – SOVIET BAROQUE curated by Georg Demmer

„SOVIET BAROQUE“ presents a 12-channel video installation based on film footage produced in her grandmother’s apartment in Kyiv. In the videos, she portrayed herself in different roles.