Curated by Daniel Lichterwaldt

The group exhibition is showcasing the works of four young artists based in Austria who narrate different perspectives and methods of understanding social phenomena, cultural constructs.

Spezialitätenladen für Fotobücher, Kunstbücher, Indie-Magazine & Zines

Softcover ist ein Spezialitätenladen für sorgfältig handverlesene Indie-Magazine, Kunstbücher und Kleinauflagen. Es ist der erste Laden in Wien, der sich auf Independent Publishing fokussiert.

When you start writing, you never know where you will land, – says An during our last class. I want to continue genuinely seeing and feeling the art of those artists I work with, akin to T.J. Clark’s approach.

Installation view. Lou Jaworski NATURE, 2024, Courtesy of max goelitz Copyright of the artist. Foto: Marjorie Brunet Plaza

On the occasion of his first solo exhibition at max goelitz gallery in Berlin, we talked with the artist Lou Jaworski (*1981) about his production processes, horizons, AI, Pinocchio, and 3D fantasy.

Emma Kling Photocredit: Lorenz Kunath

Emma Kling’s diploma thesis received the Vanessa Preger-McGillivray Prize 2024. The work subtly addresses latent power dynamics within the context of art history. A Review by Katharina Hoffmann.

Andrej Korec

Andrej Korec is a professional in his sphere. His studio sources materials locally and primarily cater to artists seeking large-scale canvases. Andrej’s dedication to quality is of prime importance.

Photographer, Leipzig, Germany

Die Fotografien von Katja Heinemann (*1998) setzen sich mit dem menschlichen Körper auseinander. Mal wird er in abstrakte Formen verbogen, bis er fast unkenntlich wird.

Tijana Radenković

Tijana Radenković (1991) is a visual artist based in Bratislava since 2019. She finished her artistic studies in Belgrade (SRB) at the Faculty of Fine Arts, where she got a PhD with her work Closeness.

Ausstellungsansicht. Lou Jaworski NATURE, 2024, Courtesy of max goelitz Copyright of the artist. Foto: Marjorie Brunet Plaza

For his first solo exhibition NATURE in Berlin, Lou Jaworski opens a space oscillating between material and cultural memory, the subconscious and post-minimalist forms.


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