model Zuki vienna, 2022

Zuki is a petite, biracial model that is 1,55 meters tall. She was born in Tokyo. Her dad is Japanese, her Mom Peruvian, which makes her half Peruvian, half Japanese. This is her story.

Violeta Maya's Solo Exhibition at alzueta_gallery, Madrid. The title for the show, "No one asked me if I wanted to be born, but here I am anyways”

Her paintings are an immediate and direct channel through which the artist shapes her emotional landscape at a given moment, occasionally blending in specific memories of her past experiences.

Solo Exhibition. Alexandra Boaru

I thought trees stood up straight… I only found out just now. They actually stand with both arms in the earth, all of them. (…) Do you know how I found out? Well, I was in a dream, and I was standing on my head… leaves were growing from my body, and roots were sprouting from my hands.

Ma Jun New China Series, Porcelain Car No.1, 2008 Porcelain 80 x 38 x 25 cm Courtesy BMCA Collection

On Friday, August 12, the exhibition opens at “Pfeufer 38” with objects by the Chinese artist Ma Jun and three Munich artists, namely Hubertus Hamm, Felix Rehfeld and Martin Spengler.

Nicolás Lamas: Umbral, Longtermhandstand Hall, Budapest, June 25-August 28, 2022

Umbral is a world of unspoken relations, a labyrinth of hybrid objects, a transit zone where one must navigate feelings of déjà vu and fears of looming future events. It can be translated as a threshold or doorstep.

Parallel Vienna 2023

Die zehnte Ausgabe findet vom 06. bis 11. September 2022 erneut in der ehemaligen Semmelweisklinik statt. Mittlerweile gehört PARALLEL VIENNA zu einer der größten zeitgenössischen Kunstmessen Österreichs.

View of the exhibition 'Are we feeling blue_ An ode to the sea' in June 2021, Weaving (170cm x 250cm), tree brunch and video projection

Sofia Magdits (b. 1995) is an interdisciplinary peruvian artist. Her work encompasses different disciplines such as weaving, embroidery, mosaic, performance, music as well as video.

Catherine Spilman

Cat Spilman is an American-born artist living and working in the UK. Her work addresses the themes of distance and separation, belonging, modern feminism and motherhood.

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