Andreea Albani Bucharest

Andreea Albani is a visual artist based in Bucharest, who worked for the last 3 years in Paris and completed her studies (BFA and MFA in Painting) at the National University of Arts in Bucharest in 2011.

exhibition Fanni Futterknecht

This exhibition is showcasing recent works of Fanni Futterknecht exploring the relation between writing, speaking and drawing. Engaging with social concepts such as the „I“ and the „We“ .

künstler interview berlin Navot Miller

Navot Miller focuses on intimate interactions and the queer aspects of banal, uneventful encounters. Throughout his life, he has always been fascinated by visuals and sound as a way of expressing ideas.

magic realist, Eileen Cooper

Sometimes described as a magic realist, Eileen Cooper brings an unapologetically female perspective to her subject-matter. Her concerns are as relevant and timeless as those of the human spirit itself.

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