Igor Blomberg Tranaeus,

Die Galerie Martin Janda zeigt in der Ausstellung Arbeiten von Igor Blomberg Tranaeus, Adriana Czernin, Svenja Deininger, Lukas Kaufmann, Tania Pérez Córdova, Chin Tsao und Sharon Ya’ari.

Tetiana Shtykalo – Objecats

Back in Odesa, Tanya tells me, her life-like sculptures of cats populated the city’s structures; they lounged and napped in the sun, stretched, hunted, and ate fish (or dreamt of eating it).

Peter De Meyer and Roman Pfeffer

ich & ik is the second part of the two part exhibition series where Roman Pfeffer and Peter De Meyer find each other in an intriguing, multi-layered dialogue about the ‚I‘ in its different appearances.

Group Exhibition. Blind Spots

The Exhibition „Blind Spots“ displays visual Stories of the artists. A sense of reality would not be possible without our mind filling in visual gaps by making use of past experiences.

Petra von Kazinyan. Animalia

Like animals in a cage, we become witnesses of change in our adjacent realities. Boarders are dissolving, time zones disappearing. Our self-projected images are available 24/7 while our egos deform.

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