This experience has particularly strongly influenced the content of her current works. Painting was introduced to Amela as a child by her artist father, whereas her mother taught her about fabrics and sewing. Since then, creating, and especially painting has been an integral part of her life and her favorite form of expression. In her current work, she incorporates the skills she got from both parents. During her sociology studies at the University of Trier, she learned new ways to consolidate her society-related questions and observations in order to subsequently incorporate them into her artistic works. After finishing her studies, she devoted herself entirely to painting.

What influences are there?
My work is stimulated by human interactions and relationships. It is based on my observation of the free, unleashed behavior and synergy between two individuals. I assume that every relationship has a character that develops from the personalities of the partners (including their past), the spontaneous, emotionally guided reactions of the individuals in the present moment, and influences from the environment. Most often, this relationship character can be seen/observed from the outside, as it affects behavior and body language. This, I try to capture in my paintings.

How do your works come into being? Can you give us an insight into your working process?
My first work step is to make a sketch of, or write a text about the body language of two people, resulting from the relationship character. Hereafter, I have a pretty clear idea of what format I can and want to use to best display the interaction.

The color scheme is more of a playful element for me, helping me to emphasize the difference between the characters.

What does the term „identities“ mean to you?
I grew up in two countries, bilingual, between two cultures, For me, the question of belonging was very burdensome and for most of my life, I have thought that national affiliation and the notion of home define my identity. Now I have realized for myself, that basically every encounter, every experience, and every decision can form my identity.

Do you have a ritual?
I really don´t have a ritual! Rather, I have daily goals. I also have three children (which is a lot of work and organization) and therefore also have to react to unexpected occurrences. Usually, I work late into the night to catch up on what I have left behind. My only ritual might be a lack of sleep.

What do few people know about you?
I am very withdrawn, stubborn, not at all open, and prefer to keep silent than speak. I think there is a lot that most people don´t know about me.

Have you ever exhibited in Austria? Are you interested in it?
So far, I haven´t had any exhibitions in Austria. And the interview with LNR draws my attention to the fact, that my work is not as present in my current neighboring country. I am every now and again in Tyrol and I have wonderful memories of Vienna. Of course, I would be glad if I had the opportunity to exhibit in Austria in the future.

Amela Rasinlic
Artist. Amela Rasinlic

What are you currently working on? Do you have any exhibitions planned for 2023?
I am currently completing a body of work in which I assume that human diversity is the most essential requirement for human relationships. This work is based on a previously written text in which I describe the exact opposite and create an everyday life of an absolute and thoroughly homogenous population. This work will be presented by the „Yushu“ gallery (

Amela Rasinlic –,

Ella Raidel, Green Screen Landscape, 2017, 100 x 140 cm, Edition: 5+1

Ella Raidel is an acclaimed visual artist and filmmaker who has been residing in Asia since 2002. Currently serving as an Assistant Professor at NTU Singapore in both the ADM School of Art, Design and Media.

Zong Ning, 2021, three artists, 180cm x 105cm

Zong Ning is a Mongolian ethnic artist who adheres to the laws of nature and lives in harmony with water and grass. His works reflect his way of life and art is his embodiment in the world.

Günther Oberhollenzer, Leitung das Wiener Künstlerhaus

Künstlerhaus, one of the oldest artist associations in the country, with nearly 500 artistic members, all diverse in terms of age, forms of expression, has since October 2022 a new artistic director.

Monographic Exhibition

The review recounts a visit to a monographic exhibition in PAC Milano. The critic gets obsessed with eight expanded monitors, which show a cycle of works of Ancarani entitled Memories for Moderns.

Hyperreality 2023 Zukunftshof

On Friday, May 19th, we are making the last preparations to go out the night. Today is the first day of the Hyperreality Festival for Club Culture in Vienna. First, we want to enjoy the last Friday ever in Tonstube.

Oluwatimilehin Adesanya

O. Adesanya is a self-taught artist and designer originally from Nigeria, who is currently based in Vienna. He takes a multidisciplinary approach to exploring concepts such as identity and principles.

If Trouble Was Money

9 female artists and 22 male artists. If Trouble Was Money is another exhibition by the 1976-born curator that explores the question of the now. To what extent have the last few years influenced or changed us?

Fabián Cháirez, "El vergel," 2021, oil on canvas, @fabian_chairez

I want to write a review of Imaginaciones radicales—an exhibition about Mexican LGBTQ+ art at the Museo de Arte Moderno in Mexico City—because I have a crush on one of the artists.

OMSK Social Club, S.M.12.L.E – A trip into Synthesia, Volksbühne Berlin, part of Technobodies Series, curated by Yvonne Zindel. Ph: Mark Hunt aka player Jack

Penny Rafferty’s work stands for a social, collaborative, and open-ended, unpredictable approach to technology and advocates for putting culture before structures. The writer kicks off Vienna Creative Days.

Exhibition view. Pleasure to Burn, L21 Residency, 2023

The new exhibition „Pleasure to burn“ by Belgian artist Simon Demeuter, presents a new series of paintings, specifically created for this exhibition. In them, we can see the recurring motif of the cowboy.

The indeterminacy of an encounter_environmental and sound installation_2021_frames from videodocumentation _courtesy the artist and Merz Foundation

Nina Carini was born in Palermo in 1984 and her education took place between the Academy of Fine Arts of Verona and Milan and the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts of Lyon.

Jewellery brand. Louise Konrad

‘Louise Konrad’ was founded by way of creative self exploration and intuition. Konrad’s drive to create bold, classic designs was second nature and has continued to evolve into a brand that promotes individuality.

Zhang Wuyun 张武运, The way home 04, 2020, oil on canvas, 180 x 230cm

Zhang Wuyun was born in Shenyang in 1981 and studied at the Affiliated High School of China Academy of Art and Luxun Academy of Fine Arts. Currently, he creates and lives in Hangzhou.

Walter Storms Galerie in München

Caro Jost and Tom Rebl show the world that art and fashion have always been intertwined. A fashion show with models, who themselves come from the creative scene half-ad-libbed poses.

Yi Lian易连, Rearward 7后方, 2014, 单频黑白有声录像, Single channel video, black&white sound, 8’12’’, Courtesy BMCA Collection

Yi Lian specialized in media art works including video, installation, photography, and so on. He is good at setting up a theater in the darkness by scheduling lightning to reduce the depth of the space.

Museum Liaunig exhibition 2023

It all starts at Operngasse 4, from where a Shuttle bus takes us to Neuhaus in Carinthia – the location of the private art museum Museum Liaunig. A unique leading exhibition awaits us there.

Exhibition view CAT's Kaleidoscope by AIMI KAIYA

Aimi Kaiya, is a talented self-taught artist residing in the vibrant city of Bangkok, Thailand. Though she originally pursued a degree in Clinical Psychology, Aimi’s true calling was found in the realm of art.

Jeremias Altmann, Next Chapter, 2023

Young Prophecies and Machines are two series that developed from a mound of suddenly and unexpectedly found children’s drawings by the artist Jeremias Altmann. They came to light only in 2009.

Tai Shani, NHA2, 2021, Wood, glass, brass, sand, epoxy, LED lights, d. 60x75 cm Courtesy: The Artist and Clima, Milan

By redefining perception, and exposing the relationships and boundaries between subjects, substances, systems, and worlds, we perform this ongoing immersive act. You might need to find a way to ‘enter’.

Fanzineist Vienna Art Book & Zine Fair

Fanzineist Vienna Art Book & Zine Fair is an annual international independent publishing event that focuses on presenting self-published publications and independent works in the fields of art, design, literature, culture, and more.

The Healing Song

pecchiooᴉɥɔɔǝds is pleased to present The Healing Song by Luca Marcelli Pitzalis, the first project in collaboration with SBT studio, curated by Arnold Braho and Paola Shiamtani.

Aurianne Chevandier

Within numerous dialogues with Contemporary Matters (collective based in Vienna and active in Seestad), Aurianne Chevandier discusses the prefabricated and instructive aspects of a predefined city.

Spray Converastion

The Socia Collective consists of two brothers, Ihor and Artur. In our musical-performative videos, we initiate the process of materialization of the sound by giving it a graphic form.

LNR. Call for Artists

Art can be presented in various types from artist studios to galleries, but also in semi–and public spaces such as vitrines, squares, and subway stations. While pondering about Vienna, there is a long history.

Substratum of memories 

Substratum of memories main subject of analysis is the interpretation of the relationship that 3 participants had with their spaces. More in specific, rooms which had a special meaning.

Junri Kamiwaki

Another Saturday, midnight in my room. Radio on, „Kiss of Life“ and „Only Angel“ playing. A trace of my essence lingers, hearing the love song on FM. Beautiful words fill my head.