While the painting series Color catcher investigates possibilities of a household color theory by (mis)using the washing (machine) paper in order to capture pigments from drink, food, spices, textile, and plants, Palette of my Homeland includes seven types of soils from her hometown Knjaževac in Eastern Serbia.

Along with natural substances, Micić also makes use of human-made industrial resources. In the monochrome series Neutralization the author hosts pigments from several kinds of silver/no yellow shampoos. On the other hand, in the analytic painting series Bojne probe (Color probes) is trying to capture an ideal mixture of a pink neon-cobalt violet nuance, and her newest painting strategy involves environmentally hostile material. Single-use plastic will be completely withdrawn from the market by the end of the year, allowing us to witness its safe disappearance. Plastik ist plastisch incorporates plastic products such are garbage bags, cotton buds, and different sorts of packaging simultaneously quoting abstract painting traditions.

Jelena Micić (1986, Serbia) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna at the Textual sculpture class. MA in Philosophy and Graduated philologist of Scandinavian language University of Belgrade. Awarded with Würdigungspreis der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien for Excellent Artistic Theses, Ö1 Talentestipendium Bildende Kunst and kültür gemma! Fellowship. Her works are in the Collection of the Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport in Austria, Kupferstichkabinett der Akademie der bildenden Künste in Vienna, The Homeland Museum in Knjaževac and private collections. Micić is interested in socio-political aspects of color (systems). Founder of the informal group UMETNIK*.

Address and contact:
Galerie3, Velden
Klagenfurter Str. 14, 9220 Velden

(Auto)ficțiuni / MNȚRplusC

The National Museum of the Romanian Peasant launches a new space for contemporary art production, in the hall located in the basement of building B, under the Horia Bernea Studio, starting with April 6.

markus tozzer ausstellung

We show a selection of abstract, expressive paintings that are not usually associated with Markus Tozzers publicly shown works. They all were created in an intuitive and sometimes manic manner.

kang jun seok RAINBOW LOVE 24x24 Acrylic on Canvas 2021

In 2014, he moved to Jeju Island, where he came to be fascinated by a theme called “nature”. Apart from his past urban life, his new surroundings allowed him to create an emotionally restructured landscape. Now the nature of Jeju Island is one of his significant sources of inspiration.

AMY d Arte Spazio

„Dive into the Zeitgeist“ is the first exhibition for art in search of answers; this is the theme of the new economART project by AMY D Arte Spazio, which reopens its doors after a latency of 3 months.

Balance, acrylic on canvas, 80x100cm, 2020

Artist Dinara Hörtnagl was born in 1988 in Yekaterinburg, Russia and lived in Saint Petersburg until 2018, before she moved to Austria. She graduated from the Graphic Department of the Saint Petersburg.

Alessio Barchitta, OSANNA(!), 2021, Exhibition view

For the new exhibition season venerazioneMUTANTE, spazioSERRA will host site-specific works that will change during their stay. The intent is to create ever-changing exhibitions.

Marjetica PotrČ The World in the Age of Stories (Part 1–3) Zeichnungen, gerahmt, je 76 x 112 cm, AP The House of Social Agreement, 2020 Holz, Faserseile, Zeichnungen auf Holz Installationsansicht Foto: Pascal Petignat

The title of the exhibition – When Gesture Becomes Event – refers to Judith Butler’s same-titled essay. However syntactically, it also evokes another title – When Attitudes Become Form.

Noor Riyadh festival

Noor Riyadh ist das neue stadtweite jährliche Festival für Licht und Kunst, das im März 2021 startet. Das Thema 2021, Unter einem Himmel, spielt auf den universellen menschlichen Impuls an.

Stephanie Misa

Her work consistently displays an interest in complex and diverse histories, relating to these topics through her installations, sculptures, videos, prints, and writing— bringing forward questions of identity.

eva yurkova interview art vienna

The interest in three-dimensionality and the relief-like character emerging from the carving is also clearly visible in the other creative outputs of Eva Yurková, such as painting, ceramics and installation.

Kaja Clara Joo MQ ART BOX

In the kinetic installation ARTE FACTUM by Kaja Clara Joo for the MQ ART BOX, natural historical myths encounter a performative matter that wants to be perceived as an autonomous unit.


Asta Cink and Erika Farina expand their work and bring it to a new level by creating contact points between the textile surfaces and the analog images in a joint exhibition in the Improper Walls.

"1 Mile Away" is an interactive media sculpture by Ulrich Formann

Tinder stickers. „1 Mile Away“ is an interactive media sculpture by Ulrich Formann. It continuously searches for profiles of the dating app tinder. These are then printed out as Stickers.

Ana Loureiro

Tell me, how was your day? Fragments of a trapped soul“ (2020-2021) is a daily series of small format photos which documents and portrays my relationship with my home during the isolation days.


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