There are special and extraordinarily sensitive people, they are the dreamers, and while being in this state of fantasizing they are utmost vulnerable. But in their visions these people are incredibly strong, because dreams are the wings that give us freedom. I wanted to show the synergy of these opposites, showcase the willpower, sensuality and make these people protected by the garments. ‒ says Elena Burenina.

The Autumn-Winter collection ‒ 2020 is built upon contrasts: black and white colours, shapes hypertrophied as if they were from a man’s shoulder , textures utterly contra-dicting each other: leather opposed by silk, crude coat fabric – cashmere; softness, tactility – hardness that coats and protects as a shell would. Through the modesty and finesse of the collection, one is able to sense the sexuality.

Elena Burenina puts her emphasis on outer garments of simple yet intricate cut: coats, trench coats, pantsuits. The main collection also incorporates a capsule collection of down coats and accessories made in collaboration with a Ukrainian brand MoonGoose Outerwear.

The brand Elena Burenina is known for a special approach to creating the collections: the clothes, shoes and accessories are easily matched with one another, thanks to that you can easily create a wardrobe that is both modern and exquisite.

Elena Burenina –

Ana Loureiro

Tell me, how was your day? Fragments of a trapped soul is a daily serie of small format photos (instax mini fujifilm) which documents and portraits my relationship with my home during the isolation days.

redgrits artist interviewredgrits artist interview

Redgrits is a 19 year old multidisciplinary artist from India, based in United Arab Emirates. Her work remains a constant process of continuous weekly experimentation with a selected collection.

Actor Jason Cloud

Nowadays lots of people identify as artists, so I guess it’s only fair to categorize myself with that label: artist. I am a performing artist. Anything that has to do with the stage. The stage is my passion.

Elodie Grethen Sarajevo

Elodie Grethen offers a contemporary portrayal of activists, artists and people who, through their sexual orientation or gender identity, question the traditional patterns of gender distribution in the post-war society.

joachimofficial interview Antwerp

Joachim is an artist from Antwerp. In the years that followed, he spent a lot of time experimenting with various approaches to graffiti and managed to introduce himself into street art scene relatively quickly.

Bahareh Rahimi, born in Iran

Bahareh Rahimi, born in Iran, shows her presence as an emancipated young woman in enigmatic tableaux. she studies at Akademie der bildenden Künste in Vienna. She paints abstract and figurative.

XX Art Flanerie

XX Art Flânerie is a festival that takes place in July in the 15th and 12th districts of Vienna, with the theme „Twenties, then or now“. Especially emphasized is the concept of strolling between different locations.

Artist Yvette van den Boogaard

Just Yvette is the artist name for Yvette van den Boogaard, who works and lives in the Netherlands with her partner Jean Paul Beumer, also an artist, and a crazy Jack Russell terrier named Leroy.

schloss25 kunst lichterwaldt wien

June 26th saw the unusual pre-opening of SCHLOSS25, an abandoned hunting lodge in Vienna’s 13th district that’s become the studio home to 15 female artists. The setting was open-hearted and welcoming.

hfa space

It’s a match“ is a project exhibition by HFA–Studio, inviting and exhibiting international artists and illustrators. The show is all about fire. Burning things down. Beeing hot. Matchsticks & Sparks.

lital megidish interview

Lital Megidish, a creative woman in her 30s. In her work she wears two hats, one as a project manager and the other as a promoter in the social medias the projects that Lital takes part in are related to the local art.

Assaf Hinden

Assaf Hinden (1988) is an artist based in Tel Aviv. He graduated with honors from The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem (2016) and The University of Fine Arts in Hamburg, Germany (HFBK).

lichterwaldt new york book

In September 2019, the Viennese photographer Lichterwaldt, travelled to New York with his friends. As expected, they did not have enough time to really inform themselves about the city itself before departing.

ROBIN’S HOOD jasmin baumgartner

A soccer team full of underdogs. The kind-hearted, big-mouthed, ex-convict Robin is president of his own amateur soccer club in Austria, which lurks around, with varying degrees of success, in the lower leagues.

improper walls open call

Improper Walls is proud to take part in the mental health awareness month campaign #NoOneToldMe run by Made of Millions with the group exhibition NO ONE TOLD ME. Art plays a big role as a mediator.

Interview. Luc Pierre

Luc Pierre is a French artist born in 1966. Directly inspired by music, his collages are rhythmic, syncopated and exalted scores. Fugitive stories that seem to spring out of an inexhaustible source.

rebecca rothenborg interview

Rebecca Rothenborg studies at Akademie der bildenden Künste. She works in different materials: wood, textiles, metal or everyday objects, but usually creates sculptures that are scaled according to the body.

Johanna Tordjman is a French

Her creative ambition is to bring back all that is fragment and enigma to unity. Johanna relies on digital globalization to propose a contemporary vision of the universal as the opposite of uniformity.

katy hundertmark gravitation

Katy Hundertmark is an artist and editor based in Amsterdam. For her photographic series ‘Studies in Gravitation’ she returned to her family’s disused farm estate in the German countryside to reassemble tools.

Exhibition: Pants on Fire. Art and other fictions.

„Liar, liar, pants on fire“ goes the english proverb that children use to accuse their peers of dishonesty. „Liar, liar, pants on fire“ goes the english proverb that children use to accuse their peers of dishonesty. The internet is avidly discussing what would happen if this saying came true

les nouveaux riches magazine

We were holding on to the slight hope that maybe, just maybe, the situation would develop in a way that would yet allow us to celebrate our release (issue Vienna/Linz) as planned at the end of May 2020.