Exhibition views« Endless Summer », Curateur : Christian Alandete, kamel mennour (47 rue Saint-André-des-Arts, Paris 6), 2022
Exhibition views« Endless Summer », Curateur : Christian Alandete, kamel mennour (47 rue Saint-André-des-Arts, Paris 6), 2022

At the end of the summer of 1978, Georges Perec dedicated some two hundred and forty‑three postcards to Italo Calvino, written in the Oulipian spirit, using a system of infinite combinations associating a holiday destination, the promise of good weather and some summer leisure activities.

Latifa Echakhch ....... Die Vögel, 2012 Installation de 4 cerfs-volants (bois et plastique)�/ Installation of 4 kites (wood and plastic) Dimensions variables / Variable dimensions
Latifa Echakhch, Die Vögel, 2012 Installation de 4 cerfs-volants (bois et plastique)/ Installation of 4 kites (wood and plastic) Dimensions variables / Variable dimensions

The “Endless Summer” exhibition offers to extend the summer for a few more days by bringing together works evocative of this period that invite us to slow down, to laze around and contemplate, to leave for the promise of an elsewhere, to go on holiday and to wander.

Summer is conducive to experiencing a different relationship with time and the effects of light on our perception of the world, a quality of attention that the artists invite us to experiment.

Born in 1986 in Casablanca (Morocco), Hicham Berrada lives and works between Paris and Roubaix (France).
Born in 1967 in Alicante (Spain), Marie Bovo lives and works in Marseille (France).
Born in 1974 in El Khnansa (Morocco), Latifa Echakch lives and works between Vevey and Martigny (Switzerland).
Born in 1978 in Paris, Camille Henrot lives and works between Berlin and New York City.
Born in 1976 in France, David Hominal lives and works in Berlin.
Born in 1956 in Folkestone (United Kingdom), Ann Veronica Janssens lives and works in Brussels (Belgium).
Born in 1954 in Bombay (India), Anish Kapoor lives and works in London.
Born in 1979 in Katowice (Poland), Alicja Kwade lives and works in Berlin.
Born in 1927 in Nowy Sacz (Poland), Maryan died in 1977 in New York City.
Born in 1939 in Biarritz (France), Gina Pane died in Paris in 1990.
Born in Epsom, Surrey (United Kingdom) in 1952, Martin Parr lives and works in London.
Born in 1936 in Golfe‑Juan (France), Martial Raysse lives and works in Issigeac (France).
Born in 1923 in Kapuvár (Hungary), Judit Reigl died in 2020 in Marcoussis (France).
Born in 1964 in Brunnen (Switzerland), Ugo Rondinone lives and works in New York.
Born in 1963 in Paris, Zineb Sedira lives in London and works between Algiers (Algeria), Paris and London

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Gašper Kunšič, house of spouse at ZONE1 viennacontemporary 2022. Photo courtesy of:

viennacontemporary attracts national and international audience to the new location Kursalon and underlines once again its leading role as the most important fair for art from Central and Eastern Europe.

Yelyzaveta Vlasenko

Yelyzaveta Vlasenko is a Ukrainian female artist. She began her artistic path by making digital abstract collages. Her creativity is now based on the creation of nonfigurative art, under the influence of spiritual laws.

"Some dreams are made of poppy seeds" installation/painting Chris Kroiss, Parallel Vienna. fotocredit Chris Kroiss

PARALLEL VIENNA takes place for the 10th time in Vienna from 6th of September to 11th of September 2022. Chris Kroiss participates with an Artist Statement. Her works are on display in B206.

Kunstraum SUPER Schönbrunner Str. 10, 1050 Wien

Each social formation, according to architect Georg Krutikov, gives rise to its own type of city. What if that city was a room, a model, within which relationships are established between objects?

NV _ NIGHT VATER _ VIENNA von und mit Paul McCarthy and Lilith Stangenberg

NV/Night Father/Vienna is an open-form performance brought to the stage by Paul McCarthy, one of America’s most controversial artists, together with the highly gifted German actress Lilith Stangeberg.

Flavia Mazzanti

Flavia Mazzanti is an Italian-Brazilian Vienna based artist, architect and entrepreneur in the field of virtual reality and digital media. She graduated with distinction at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

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Our characteristics are best described by impressive stagings at locations rich in history and a conscious commitment to traditional values, as well as openness to innovative and new ideas.


We are soon embarking on a new journey near the Turkish-Syrian border with our mobile darkroom caravan. We will travel from village to village and give an opportunity to children to express themselves.

Exhibition view. MA JUN “TRUE PORCELAIN”

Ma Jun, born in 1974 in Qingdao, China, graduated from the Sculpture Department of The Central Academy of Fine Arts with a Bachelor’s degree in 1999 and a Master’s degree in the sculpture department in 2003.

Solo Exhibition. Kristina Kulakova

Inspired by mediation, and personal experiences, Kulakova sees life as a dance around suffering, in which something positive can always occur, enabling us to overcome given problems and reconsider the way of life.

UNPROTECTED featuring Nancy Baker Cahill, Carrie Chen, Vitória Cribb, Elana Mann, Martina Menegon, Operator, Sasha Stiles, and Hana Yoo; August 6 – November 4, 2022; Image courtesy of EPOCH

UNPROTECTED is modeled after the Supreme Court and is organized in response to the US Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, leaving millions of Americans stripped of bodily autonomy.

No body. Exhibition and accompanying events

I. “(…) I must admit that I was different with every person, so nobody knew what I was really like,” Gombrowicz jots down in his journal about the years he had spent in Argentina.

Clemens Tschurtschenthaler; Café Memoriam; 2022; Ve.sch Kunstverein; Installation view.

Things to love about playing hide and seek: mainly hiding aspects; patiently occupying that dark, damp lair; the fear of getting caught; the thrill of being searched for, as if somebody cares; the sweat produced …