The video documentary work „we will not let you go“, explores the subject constructions within our European society and depicts both moments of perceived commonality and the isolation of the individual. The focal questions of the project are the visualisation of intra-lingual and hierarchical power structures, dynamics and modes of expression as well as symbolic appropriation of space and social control.

In addition to this, the artist is also showcasing a series of drawings that Fanni Futterknecht created in an attempt to transcribe/translate certain terms into abstract and poetic scribbles.  The exhibition aims to set a starting point for Fanni’s residency at Soma and her upcoming project researching the expression and communication of written and non-verbal language.

exhibition Fanni Futterknecht

Solo Show by Fanni Futterknecht
Duration: 17.10. 2020  – 15.11.2020

Adress and Contact:
Soma Lieu d árt Hybride
55, Cours Julien

künstler interview berlin Navot Miller

Navot Miller focuses on intimate interactions and the queer aspects of banal, uneventful encounters. Throughout his life, he has always been fascinated by visuals and sound as a way of expressing ideas.

Anna Sampson photography

Anna Sampson is a self-taught photographer who shoots on film and prints in the darkroom. She graduated in 2015, where the central focus of her work was a series of portraits, titled Gender Trouble.

Interview with Oriana Gerez

Oriana Gerez is a Venezuelan-American visual artist based in Miami, Florida. Major themes in her work include dreams, the subconscious and pop art. Her works are represented in various galleries.

Astrid Rausch: Vastness By Christian Bazant-Hegemark

By mixing pigments with binder – egg yolk for tempera, acrylic polymer emulsion for acrylics; and oil for oil colors. Where choice of pigment defines a color’s hue, the binder defines the color’s texture.

Frédéric and Catherine Sofia

Frédéric and Catherine Sofia are a Paris-based duo of artists. Their separation in 2013 has proven to be a turning point in their artwork, which is now that of a creative pair rather than a couple.

Reihaneh Hosseini - Come In

A.MORE gallery is pleased to present Come In, a debut solo exhibition by Reihaneh Hosseini, from 1st October to 14th November 2020, as the inaugural show of the new space located in Milan.

improper walls patreon

Improper Walls – alternative space. We work on a non-profit basis and every cent helps! If you would like to show us some love with a few buckaroos we would be so extremely grateful!

Mauro Martinez

For some time now, Mauro Martinez has been creating paintings on internet culture. One doesn’t immediately think about society when discussing cursed images, memes or Instagram’s blurry safety filter.


Exhibition at Grundsteingasse 8 – A Pool Full Of Yellow. August has been a long month and quite a lot has happened, even though when people ask, I seem to forget what has been so intense.