August. Sibylle Ciarloni

Es ist Mitternacht in Mittelitalien. Das Thermometer zeigt 30 Grad. Einatmen. Ausatmen. Wie lange ist es her, dass ich mich in einer Stadt verloren habe? Morgen in Bologna.

Caterina Morigi, Ecophilia, Exhibition view 2021 | Credits: Ph.Mariano Dallago, Courtesy: Museo Nazionale della Montagna, Torino

Two clear liquids put together on the cellulose suddenly turn purple. I try and try again, I run out of all the antiseptics for the house. The feeling of transforming substances, like an alchemist.

David Altmejd "Enter" 2020 together with Anna Park, Jamain Juliano- Villani and Olivia Erlanger

Matteo Novarese, owner of Sof:Art, shares his personal story of how he came into collecting with Les Nouveaux Riches Magazine. This love’s origin is based on his family’s art collection.