Junri Kamiwaki

Another Saturday, midnight in my room. Radio on, „Kiss of Life“ and „Only Angel“ playing. A trace of my essence lingers, hearing the love song on FM. Beautiful words fill my head.

junri kamiwaki

Tonight, there is a bright full moon – yes, it is so beautiful. The neighbor is playing a sentimental ballad on his record player. The light that is shining on me fills my heart with happiness.

Model Fashion in Tokio

I turned on the radio. Are you going somewhere in the summer? When i woke up I saw the ocean in front of my eyes. Although most of the islands in the ocean are explored, there are still enough unknown.

junri kamiwaki

That night, a girl was having a good time together with her friends. They wanted to celebrate a bit more, but she felt too tired and decided to go home. This is a short story about her feelings and the emptiness in her heart.