Sergey Melnitchenko  photography MYPH.

Winner of Ukrainian and international competitions, including „Leica Oskar Barnack Award Newcomer“ in 2017 (Berlin), „Photographer of the Year“ in 2012, 2013 and 2016 (Kyiv, Ukraine), „Golden Camera“ in 2012 (Kyiv, Ukraine). He was shortlisted for Krakow Photomonth in 2013 and Pinchuk Art Center Prize in 2015, among others. Participant of Paris Photo, Volta Art Fair, Photo L.A., Photo Basel, etc. Nominated for the Foam Paul Huf Award. Serhiy’s works are in private and public collections in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, France, Germany, Belgium, Hong Kong, Lithuania and the USA.

What fascinates you about photography?
I think I love everything, starting from the preparation for the shooting (or even building the idea of the project) till the result – it can be an exhibition or a book. This all steps are very important for me as much as the moment of the shooting when you work with camera.

What is the most important for you as a photographer?
To develop myself all the time. To make something new, to try new styles, new techniques, new stories. Do not stand still.

How do you get a perfect shot?
When I completely turn off my thoughts and surrender to the flow of feelings and emotions.

You are the founder and curator of MYPH photography school. How did it come about? What exactly is the MYPH?
The school was founded by Serhiy Melnychenko in 2018. Our main task is to expand the scope of consciousness and understanding of modern conceptual and artistic photography among photographers.

To move away from the usual standards and do something „different“ is the main goal in the process of creating final projects. The course „Art Photography: from idea to visual realization“ studies the works of authors recognized in Ukraine and the world, views tons of photographs and photo books. Students will learn about the huge number of photo contests, festivals, fairs and what needs to be done for their works to be published in Ukrainian and foreign journals, as well as for photographs to participate in exhibitions and, of course, be sold. We also invite various famous photographers, curators and publishers with their lectures to expand the knowledge of our students.

The main task of the school is not only education, but also further assistance in promoting and promoting the work of our graduates among galleries, specialized publications and collectors around the world. It’s not just today and now, it’s the future.

Photographer Sergey Melnitchenko
Photographer Sergey Melnitchenko

What else will you do today?
Working on an upgrading of my school and spreading my latest books around the world. Also finishing some of my unfinished projects to start something new next year.

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