Han Xiao Toledo, Castilla La Mancha, Spain

June 14, 2009 Debut was inspired and affirmed by a letter from Charles Saatchi. In 2014, it was discovered by Rebecca Wilson, chief curator and art development director of the American art platform „Saatchi Online“. The existing 96 works have been widely collected by collectors in the United States, Taiwan, Germany, Spain, Greece, Australia, Switzerland, Canada, Portugal, Nigeria, and Brazil.

What is art for you?
For me, art is not some kind of flat knowledge like „modernism“, it is a special kind of intelligence, it has depth. It reverberates in the life that surrounds me, and I should discover them. I won’t close the door of life because it’s there.

What’s your inspiration?
I was born in China, an environment of extreme hysteria, what I saw and what I felt, together nurtured the roots of my work. I am inspired by the difficulties I cannot overcome and the things I have accomplished.

What does your work aim to say?
The shape of our inner being, the state of our soul, explains how „people“.

What are your biggest influences?
I don’t think it has arrived yet.

What work do you most enjoying doing?
Those that work between pictographic and non-pictographic, and those that work instinctively.

Where people can buy your work?
Buy my work on Saatchiart or contact me in person.

… Her portraits possess an innate sense of loneliness and anxiety, and are reminiscent of Francis Bacon’s paintings. She deliberately blurs out the faces of her subjects and makes it difficult to discern any identifiable features. Her energetic and highly impastoed brush strokes and rich color palette of vibrant blues, ochres, greens, and pinks illuminate her canvases and beg the viewer to linger. – Kat Henning (Curator of Saatchi Art)

What are you working on at the moment?
I came to Spain from China and the internet block was lifted. Now my family and I are learning Spanish. This is the internet age and I have a lot to learn. I’ll add a completely different theme.

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