Plovdiv Kunst

Exhibition. Moving Bodies

During the primarily physical restrictions caused by SARS-CoV-2, we were gradually able to get to know the traces and features of our digital „selfs“. „Traces“ of a body double are also the subject of the current exhibition of the artist-group and spread from the media of drawing and painting to textile and waxed, sometimes hybrid bodies.

Virtual traces within digital systems are sought to become tangible and transparent, at any rate sensible. Let ́s get physical: Moving Bodies mark desires as landlines and ultimately, with the viewer crossing over, the overcoming of invisible boundary lines.

Exhibition: Moving Bodies – Traces of Self Resonance. Supported by the Austrian Embassy Sofia
Artists: Karin Czermak, Zornitza Gurova, Doroteya Petrova, Gerda Prantl und Daniela Prokopetz

Address and contact:
Resonance Gallery, Plovdiv