Ana Loureiro

Tell me, how was your day? Fragments of a trapped soul“ (2020-2021) is a daily series of small format photos which documents and portrays my relationship with my home during the isolation days.


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stephanie misa ausstellung

In Stephanie Misa’s most recent installation, MAGA MEETS MARIE, a visually compelling assemblage of banners, hats and chandeliers create references to QAnon, Proud Boys and Marie Antoinette.

Künstlerin Micha Wille. Foto: Thomas Castaneda

Micha Wille ist in Tirol geboren, wo ihr Onkel im Kaunertal am Bauernhof der Familie seit 40 Jahren die größte Orgel der Welt baut. Im Stall lief immer Ö1. Mit 17 zog sie nach Wien um zu studieren.

Jaume Ribas Granollers

Jaume Ribas was born in Granollers, a mid-size town in Catalonia, studied in a religious boarding school in Barcelona and licensed in Philosophy and Theology. He had his first solo exhibition in 1981.

künstler interview linz Benjamin Thiele

Benjamin Thiele lebt und arbeitet seit mehreren Jahren in Wien und Linz. Seit 2017 studiert er Bildhauerei an der Kunstuniversität Linz in der Klasse von Geletin unter Prof. Tobias Urban und Ali Janka.

Philipp Renda, „wenn du nur könntest“, Exhibition view 2021. Courtesy Philipp Renda & Christine Ernst

When I asked the German artist Philipp Renda why his frames look so unconventional, he answered: I really like frames, but I also love to deconstruct them and play with the idea of what a frame is.

Blazej Rusin is postgraffiti painter.

Blazej Rusin is postgraffiti painter. Born in 1988 on the edge of oldest forest in Europe, north-east Poland, Bialowieza Primeval Forest. He did 20 solo exhibitions, 14 group shows in 16 countries.


What is spazioSERRA, and what does it mean to be right in the middle of a railway station, – she asked. From a distant computer screen, they were replying to her question on a February day.

Ricardo Passaporte

Steve Turner is pleased to present Best In Show, a solo exhibition by Ricardo Passaporte consisting of six new paintings that depict close-up portraits of recent Westminster Kennel Dog Show winners.

Luca Mussnig

Vom 19.2. – 22.2. begibt sich Luca Mussnig in Lockdown im Raum 8. Für drei Tage sperrt sich der junge Künstler in den Ausstellungsraum für eine Online Performance, namens „Fish in a Tank! Blub?“ ein.

Tripped Black. Claudiu Lazăr

Each canvas painted by Claudiu Lazăr deposits new chimerical states that are difficult to halt. The characters / subjects come to us from the dream world, at the border of narcotic-enlightened states.

Ausstellung in der Künstlerhaus Factory: VERGESSEN/ ZAPOMNĚNÍ

Die Ausstellung zeigt vier künstlerische Positionen aus Österreich, Tschechien und Deutschland, die mit sehr unterschiedlichen Strategien Türen zur Betrachtung der Themen Vergessen und Erinnern öffnen.

Instudio is an online archive

Instudio is an online archive devoted to the analytic inquiry of the artists’ workspace in Italy, be it material or immaterial, theoretical or practical. With its video collection, Instudio gathers.

jaume ribas

In 1944, Jaume Ribas was born in Palou, a small town near Granollers (Catalonia). He earned his degree in Philosophy at the University of Barcelona. 1980 he had his first exhibition.

Salon Rooftop. New Galleries in London

In short, the name of the gallery summarizes the exhibition space, and represents the neutrality of the founders: it isn’t trying to build a cult personality based around the dealer.

Harmen van der Tuin, Stone Red, mixed media, 100 x 140 x 15cm, 2019

Galt das fini einer Malerei durch den Prozess der blaireautage – der finalen Bearbeitung eines Gemäldes mithilfe eines Dachspinsels zur Unsichtbarmachung der handwerklichen Spuren des Malprozesses.

Daniel Wille, In the river of life, Mixed media, 56x98cm, 2020

In art I always was seeking for the opportunity to make the viewer feel the picture as something alive, to feel the presence. But not only with the help of classical techniques, or not only with the help of it.

interview Hyunsun yoo

Hyunsun yoo was born in Seoul. She completed a bachelor of visual art, Painting at Duksung Woman University in Seoul. After that started to study painting at Applied art University in Vienna.

lena kuzmich interview

Lena Kuzmich is a video and photography based multimedia artist from Vienna, Austria and is currently located in The Hague, Netherlands where they study photography at The Royal Academy of Art.

mona seidl

Mona Seidl, bewegt sich in einem multimedialen Raum zwischen Poesie, und Malerei. Ihre Arbeit basiert auf einer sehr tiefen Verbindung zur Natur, weshalb Arbeitsplatz und Medium wechseln.