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Golf Cream by Lennard James

Lennard James is a 2D digital graphic designer residing in Atlanta, Georgia. His current project is titled "Golf Cream". The concept is a pop art spin on popular ice cream products playing golf. In Golf Cream the abstract meets human features. As someone who has a strong love and passion for the game of golf and the arts, he wanted to use symbolism to describe how fun, sweet and a good time the game of golf is. Lennard chose ice cream symbolism because we often experience eating ice cream during good / fun times and great memories. Those are the feelings he usually has when he plays the game.

He pursued playing professional golf for a solid 15 years, but never broke through at making it past numerous qualifying attempts for the PGA Tour or US Open qualifiers. The experiences gained regardless of those many attempts helped shape him as a person and artist. From appreciating great golf course designs and layouts, to the hard work and practice it takes to technically and tactically become a professional golfer, he has carried these work ethics and traits into his art designs.  

What is your shade making expertise

My shade making expertise is still a work in progress and hopefully I can continue to learn and get better at recognizing when, where (shading needs to be added), enhanced, embellished.

What is the major duty of a painter?

I feel like the duties for me as a digital painter is to capture and tell the story I’m trying to tell with a proper color scheme, hand, leg, body and golf club positions of my subjects. I feel like my color scheme should move my audience in a way that inspires them to want to experience the game of golf in some way, shape or form. Whether its virtual reality, actually on a real golf course, playing golf video games, putt putt courses only. Whatever they take from it. Hopefully it inspires them to have a conversation about the great game and take action.

Where people can buy your art?

Buyers can also get more information about Golf Cream at the official website

Do you have any future exhibitions planned?

Select Golf Cream Art (summer 2019) past / presently displayed in the pro shops at:
Towne Lake Hills Golf Club in Woodstock, Georgia
Steel Canyon Golf Club in Sandy Springs, Georgia
Dogwood Country Club in Austell, Georgia

Lennard James – Golf Cream