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Interview. Dorota Jedináková

Dorota Jedináková (b. 2002, Slovakia) is a bachelor's student at the Academy of Fine Arts Bratislava. For the winter semester, she's currently studying at the Tokyo University of the Arts in the Intermedia Art department.
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Self portrait Dorota Jedináková

Her work is mostly focused on photography, and based on observation of her surroundings, she deals with specific people in-depth, intimately, and for a long time. In vague hints but also in clear rawness, she shows the aspects that define a given person and his story.

Can you provide us with an insight into your creative processes and approach to photography?
My creative process is very intuitive. I photograph nearly every day. Things, feelings, and people I want to memorize photography allow me to document my life and everything important. When there is someone or something I want to focus on more, I will photograph and confront myself with it as much as I feel is enough. By creating these snapshots of my life in combination with focusing on people who are close to me, I’m able to process and keep a memory of everything I don’t want to lose.

What is the most significant aspect of your work as a photographer for you personally?
It is the introspective process that enables me to continually recreate myself.

Your images of other people often exhibit remarkable depth and intimacy. How much of yourself do you find reflected in these images?
The closeness is the most important thing for me. To be able to understand and feel things in my life, I aim to come as close as it’s possible. By creating a subtle self-portrait, exposed through photographs of other people, situations, and events, I find this process very significant for my personal growth.

Dorota Jedináková

During my research, I came across an exhibition of yours in 2023 at the VUNU Gallery. How would you describe your current exhibition, „An Endless Project,“ and what message do you aim to convey to the viewers?
My latest and ongoing project formally moves on the edge of a time-lapse documentary and a series of informal portraits, which are an intimate and authentic depiction of my close friend’s life and his journey to self-discovery and, at the same time, acceptance by his immediate surroundings and wider society. I reveal the individual layers of identity and try to present a visual story that represents one of the most significant decisions in a person’s life. I am not trying to replace the lack of knowledge that society leads to disinterest, misunderstanding, or condemnation of otherness with enlightenment. On the contrary, I ask myself and the people who come into contact with this project and topic an endless number of questions about which answers we should look for together that can bring us closer to each other.

I think this intention, which I have in most of my works, is something that makes every project an endless one.

How has photography personally aided in your process of self-discovery?
As I said, the creative process gives me an opportunity to re-create myself and connect with others and myself every time, which makes it an important aspect of my self-discovery.

In your creative process, what do you consider to be the most enjoyable moment or aspect of photography?

When selecting your images, how do you make your decisions? Is there a moment when you feel that a photograph is perfect for you, and what goes through your mind when making that decision?
For me, the process of selection is about collaboration. I usually consult the final selection with photographed people, curators, or professors; the outside point of view and collaboration with other people is something I really enjoy.

Can you provide us with an insight into your upcoming projects and the creative challenges you anticipate in the future?
Right now I’m working on two projects at the Tokyo University of the Arts and also trying to find balance in my creative process and to explore new ways of working.

Self portrait Dorota Jedináková
Self portrait Dorota Jedináková

Do you have any prior experience with Vienna, or do you have plans to exhibit here in the future or undertake other projects?
I often visit Vienna for exhibition openings and would love to show my work here sometime.

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