London Fashion Week

I met Junri Kamiwaki, a photographer, in Milan during Fashion Week 2019. Since then we have kept in touch. In this feature, I show you some behind-the-scenes footage from the Rejina Pyo show.

Fotografin Wien Interview Alltag

Isabella Simon arbeitet als Fotografin in Wien, hauptsächlich dokumentarisch für Magazine sowie projektbegleitend als Set Fotografin von Filmen. Portraits gehören zu ihrer Leidenschaft.

Book. merritt k – LAN Party

merritt k is a writer and editor who has previously produced a book of poetry and an anthology of interactive fiction, as well as created and hosted several podcasts. She lives in New York.

Fishing 2021

GORSAD KYIV – represents a new wave of photographers from Ukraine. Gorsad’s works are mainly focused on youth, feelings, and sexuality in all their peculiarities and oddities.

Fashion Week 2022

Junri Kamiwaki was born in Shibuya City, Tokyo, and is currently studying Photography at the Nippon Institute. I met her at Fashion Week in Milan and was amazed from the first moment by how she acted.

model Zuki vienna, 2022

Zuki is a petite, biracial model that is 1,55 meters tall. She was born in Tokyo. Her dad is Japanese, her Mom Peruvian, which makes her half Peruvian, half Japanese. This is her story.

Daniel Lichterwaldt - Novi Sad Fotografie

How do you feel when you travel to another country and you do not understand the language at all? Fortunately, I had someone at my side who translated and made me aware of what was happening around me.

Fani Zguro, From The Series Untitled, c-print, variable dimensions, 2007-2016, courtesy the artist, Closing Soon, Athens, 2022

Fani Zguro (b. 1977, Tirana) is acclaimed not only as an artist, but also for his groundbreaking experience as a curator, with a specific interest in video, film and sound.

Emmalynn (Cand.-Math. PhD)

Unter dem Pseudonym RMS\error, ist sie nicht nur federführend bei der visuellen Konzeption, Produktion, Umsetzung und Post-Produktion von Fotostrecken, sondern steht auch selbst vor der Kamera.

To women - а project by Maria Lelyuk

To women is a social photo and video project by Maria Leluk, in which she tackles domestic violence, abusive relationships and misogyny. The project is based on outdated and ingrained notions in our society.

Reportagenfotografie berlin

Dennis Eichmann arbeitet als Fotograf und freier Künstler in Berlin. Zunächst studierte er Malerei und Modedesign in Kiel, Wien und Berlin bevor er sich hauptberuflich der Fotografie zuwendete.

fashion design/ styling/ set design: Jennifer Milleder

Jennifer Milleder’s approach to fashion design is placed between wearability and art. Her designs are defined through strong, clear, yet dramatic silhouettes that focus on voluminous garment construction.

asta cink kunstbuch wien

«Vanitas» bedeutet Eitelkeit (im Sinne von Vergänlichkeit) und ist eine christliche Mahnung daran, dass alles Irdische vergänglich ist. «Vanitas-Motive haben eine traditionelle Gemeinsamkeit.

Hotel am Brillantengrund - Home - Wien, Österreich

Ein Kettenbrief brachte 10 Künstler*innen zusammen, die jeweils von dem*r Vorselektierten ausgewählt wurden. Diese Prozesse beschäftigen sich mit sozialen Verbindungen und abstrakteren Beziehungen.

Theresa Wey

Theresa Wey fotografiert Menschen und Begegnungen. Ihre Paradedisziplin ist das Porträt. Für sie sei es das Resultat des gemeinsamen Innehaltens, so die in Frankfurt am Main geborene Fotografin.

junri kamiwaki

Tonight, there is a bright full moon – yes, it is so beautiful. The neighbor is playing a sentimental ballad on his record player. The light that is shining on me fills my heart with happiness.


„For Photographers Only“ promotes opportunities for photographers, not photographers! They don’t do any visual entertainment, they publish only the best opportunities for photographers.

Model Fashion in Tokio

I turned on the radio. Are you going somewhere in the summer? When i woke up I saw the ocean in front of my eyes. Although most of the islands in the ocean are explored, there are still enough unknown.

Daria Marshenko

„Happiness is all about contrasts“ the phrase I randomly heard somewhere in Moscow that totally changed my perception of the motherland. When I moved to Austria, I was trying to escape from everything.