Paris Kultur

Junri Kamiwaki in Paris & Milan

Junri Kamiwaki was born in Shibuya City, Tokyo, and is currently studying Photography at the Nippon Photography Institute. I met her at Fashion Week 2020 in Milan and was amazed from the first moment by how she acted. Two years later, I am very excited and happy to present some pictures she took in Paris & Milan and a short poetry of her.

A bird that can’t fly
I found it
Such a poem named after it
I walked around the city in the morning and in the evening
My portrait,
It’s good to listen to your favorite music,
Sometimes I ask myself, and there are things I don’t understand.
You can rely on someone for a moment.
Let’s listen to a slow sound tonight.
Was it raining?
I forgot about that.
A bird that can’t fly that
Raindrops Keep Fallin‘ on My Head and Blowin‘ In The Wind somewhere far away.

Junri Kamiwaki –,