John MADU Make love on the beach 2021

Following on its very first solo exhibition, the first in France of emerging Cameroonian artist Jean David Nkot, AFIKARIS Gallery, dedicated to promoting emerging and established artists from Africa.

JEAN DAVID NKOT ##/@tiredbody##, Acrylic, posca, collage and silkscreen printing on canvas 200 x 300 cm, 2021

Inaugurating its very first gallery space, Paris-based AFIKARIS Gallery presents rising Cameroonian artist Jean David Nkot’s first extensive solo exhibition in France from May 29 till July 7, 2021.

Creaturae BordosArtworks

Ein wahres künstlerisches Eintauchen in das historische Erbe von Metz, das internationale Festival für digitale Kunst Constellations de Metz richtet sich an alle, indem sie einen kostenlosen Zugang bietet.

Amber Andrews . Too Many Tears for Lovers

In the plague-stricken 14th-century Italy of Boccaccio’s Decameron, ten young men and women flee the city of Florence to escape the black death. They confine themselves to a deserted villa.

Frédéric and Catherine Sofia

Frédéric and Catherine Sofia are a Paris-based duo of artists. Their separation in 2013 has proven to be a turning point in their artwork, which is now that of a creative pair rather than a couple.

laurent perbos interview

Laurent Perbos‘ artistic practice is developing through several mediums such as painting, photography, installation or even performance, but obviously sculpture remains his favorite field.

Rebecca Brodskis

Rebecca Brodskis lives and works in Paris. She spent most of her childhood travelling and living between France and Morocco. She has later lived in New York, Berlin, Tel-Aviv and now in Paris.

Johanna Tordjman is a French

Her creative ambition is to bring back all that is fragment and enigma to unity. Johanna relies on digital globalization to propose a contemporary vision of the universal as the opposite of uniformity.

the mary sue project interview

Mary Sue is a double game, with a single player (the creature) who also acts as a referee (the creator) and as a favorite playground stereotypes, conventions, aberrations of the world, my own dysfunctions.

lnr bertrand fournier interview

The French painter Bertrand Fournier is 34 years old. He lives and works in Janville Sur Juine, a small village in the suburbs of Paris. He is married and is a father of three beautiful children.

paul gounon lnr interview

Paul Gounon is a multidisciplinary artist born in 1989 in Aix-en-Provence. At the moment he lives and works in Paris. His work is at the crossroads of history and storytelling.