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Interview with Blazej Rusin

Blazej Rusin is postgraffiti painter. Born in 1988 on the edge of oldest forest in Europe, north-east Poland, Bialowieza Primeval Forest. He did 20 solo exhibitions, 14 group shows, 23 festivals in 16 countries since 2000.

Where are your roots as a painter?
My roots as a painter are definitely in graffiti. Experience of this subculture was a bridge from childhood painting, during teenage time, into adult life as a professional painter. Nowadays I do research on evolution of graffiti terms into pop-culture and art, that is what I call postgraffiti.

Painter. Blazej Rusin
Painter. Blazej Rusin

What influences your art?
Art for me is thinking process, reflection on something specific, sometimes even solving some problems, issues – even if only on canvas, its always something. Recently I was fascinated with the idea of ‚organic work‘ developed by Karol Marcinkowski, the history of „Human zoos“ or ambiguous bestiality terms.

What do you enjoy most about working in the field of art?
Freedom. It is exactly this freedom which – for me – makes art not a conventional job, where you sit certain amounts of hours to do certain amounts of stuff. It’s rather diagnosis which pushes you to continuous growth and evolution.

How do you describe your practice?
My practice is divided between two spaces. Firstly the dirty studio: street or postindustrial abandoned architecture, where I experiment with larger scale and certain environments. Secondly the clean studio: my atelier, place of daily work on canvases, drawings, sculptures. But actually the most interesting stuff happens outside of the studio. When I’m in nature, read, travel, learn, experience.

Those are the moments where real magic happens! Inthe atelier I analyze it, crystalize and form everything into paintings to share what my thoughts with other people.

Painter. Blazej Rusin

What does the word „style“ mean to you?
Style means to me the limit. I understand style as a set of forms used in a random way. Im rather interested in growing my own language to communicate with people and solve challenging issues.

What projects are you working on right now?
Currently, I’m obsessed with the idea of the ‚human animal‘ and ‚human plant‘. I read a lot about it, gather the database for further work. Recently I also meet some boars in forests, which feels kind of symbolic, but I do not know yet what’s behind it.

Blazej Rusin – www.instagram.com/blazejrusin/