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Interview with Dina Roudman

Dina Roudman, a self-taught multidisciplinary artist, emerges as a captivating force within the realms of painting, photography, modeling, and acting. Absent the confines of formal education, Dina's artistic journey has been shaped by her innate talent and unyielding determination.

With an insatiable thirst for self-improvement, she fearlessly embarked on a full-time transition into the world of painting approximately three years ago. Drawing inspiration from her eclectic background and varied experiences, Dina’s artistry encapsulates a unique blend of raw emotion, vivid colours, and a distinct sense of authenticity. As she continues to forge her path as an artist, Dina Roudman’s work promises to captivate and inspire audiences with its boundless creativity and relentless pursuit of artistic expression.

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Dina Roudman in her studio

What inspired you to become an artist?
Ever since I can remember holding a pencil, I’ve been captivated by drawing. It has been the language through which I have expressed my innermost thoughts and emotions. From my childhood to my teenage years, painting became my constant companion, allowing me to create vibrant narratives on countless canvases. When I got accepted into OCAD University’s prestigious art program, I saw it as a remarkable opportunity. However, the structured environment and the fear of being confined stifled my free-spirited nature. In search of liberation, I decided to explore modeling instead. For almost 12 years, I channeled my energy into a different form of expression, yet deep down, I knew there was more to offer as an artist. Eventually, the realization hit me like a tidal wave. I had an insatiable desire to translate all my energy, experiences, and creativity into making art. The years spent modeling have enriched my perspective and taught me the power of visual storytelling. It was time to return to my true calling. I made the courageous decision to fully embrace my destiny. I unleashed my artistic potential, allowing my imagination to roam freely and manifesting my unique vision on canvas. Each brushstroke became an opportunity to share a piece of my soul, creating art that speaks from the depths of my being. My journey as an artist is an ongoing evolution. I explore new mediums, pushing the boundaries of my craft and finding fresh ways to connect with others. Through my art, I aim to evoke emotions, ignite inspiration, and forge a meaningful connection with those who witness my creations.

What technique do you prefer to use?
As an artist, I thrive on the exploration and fusion of different mediums. Constantly seeking new ways and techniques, I am on a perpetual journey of discovery. The more I delve into this creative realm, the more I uncover. From experimenting with airbrushing to recently venturing into the world of oils and exploring the versatility of diluted acrylics, I believe the possibilities are truly limitless. Embracing this diversity of mediums allows me to push the boundaries of my art and unlock new avenues of expression. With each exploration, I find myself captivated by the endless possibilities that lie within the realm of mixed mediums.

artist from toronto

How do you stay inspired to paint? Do you paint every day?
I stay inspired to paint by embracing the beauty and diversity of everyday life. From the moment I wake up, I find inspiration to paint in the vibrant tapestry of life. It’s in the colors, textures, and flavors of food, the captivating narratives of film, and the music that stirs my soul. Fashion and travel ignite my imagination, exposing me to diverse cultures and breathtaking landscapes. But inspiration is not limited to external sources. People and nature are constant wellsprings of creativity, their stories and beauty weave into my artwork. By staying open and aware, I connect with my surroundings, finding inspiration in the ordinary and extraordinary moments that shape my artistic journey. Through my art, I seek to capture the essence of life’s wonders and share them with the world. I try to paint or just draw in my sketchbook daily, but sometimes it’s good to just observe and do nothing.

artist from toronto

What themes do you pursue?
In my art, I delve into a multitude of themes that deeply resonate with me. The human form holds a special place in my work, as I strive to capture its raw emotions, vulnerabilities, and innate strength. Exploring the intricacies of identity and self-expression is a recurring theme that celebrates individuality and the power of embracing one’s true essence. The wonders of nature never fail to inspire me, and I often incorporate their beauty and harmony into my art. The interplay of light and shadow is another theme that fascinates me. Symbolizing contrast and balance in life, it serves as a metaphor for the complexities of human existence. Through my artwork, I aim to capture the ethereal dance of light and shadow, inviting viewers to contemplate the deeper meanings behind the interplay. These themes intertwine and evolve in my artistic exploration, reflecting my own journey of self-discovery and growth. With every brushstroke, I endeavor to create a visual language that speaks to the depths of human existence, inviting viewers to embark on their own introspective voyage and discover the profound beauty that lies within.

artist from toronto

Do you keep a diary?
Absolutely! I wholeheartedly believe in the power of keeping a journal. It serves as a sacred space to capture and preserve the thoughts and ideas that ignite within me each day. My diary becomes a treasure trove of inspiration, a reflection of my growth and evolution as an artist. It allows me to revisit past musings, discover new connections, and dive deeper into the creative wellspring that resides within me. Keeping a journal is an invaluable tool that nurtures my creativity and keeps the flame of inspiration alive.

artist from toronto
Dina Roudman in her studio

What does the first hour of your day look like?
In the first hour of my day, I embark on a ritual of inspiration. I venture out for a serene morning walk in nature, embracing its beauty and finding solace in its tranquility. Returning home, I carve out time for meditation, accompanied by music that sets the tone for creative exploration. A good cup of coffee. This hour sets the foundation for my day.

What have you been working on recently?
Currently, I am fully immersed in the development of a solo interactive art show in Toronto, which has been an exhilarating experience as I explore innovative ways to engage with viewers on a deeper level. Alongside this project, I am also involved in several intriguing ventures that push the boundaries of my creativity, allowing me to experiment with new techniques and mediums. Additionally, I am actively pursuing art residencies, seeking immersive environments where I can dedicate myself fully to my craft and collaborate with fellow artists, expanding my artistic horizons. These endeavors fuel my passion for creating meaningful art experiences and pushing the boundaries of my artistic expression.

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