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Interview with Léopoldine Roux

Dreams could be. One of her favourite is "the raining paint". Léopoldine Roux has dreamed it was snowing pink in Beirut, Brussels, New York and Kyoto the same day. A perspective seen from the sky we are sharing. All united gathered under a snow of colors. It is a childish vision of the world that brightens up her daily life. Léopoldine Roux lives surrounded by children and therefore by juvenile poetry.

What is the most important tool for your work?
Since the pandemia I get back to the cavernous paintings. The paintings Hasta el cielo consists in a superposition of layers of oil glazes applied by my hand touching the surface of the canvas. My hands became my go to tool. I paint sunset and crepuscule with my bare hands, prehistoric sunsets close up in my mind. The series deals with erasure technique, this moment that sneezes in color. I have also a favourite tool I like to paint with. I use it for my Living Colors series.

Roux Leopoldine

I paint with nail varnish, which gives a pop, feminine and sexy way to explore old documents. The colors are shining and intense. Most of them are very colourful, from pink bubble gum to yellow citron; they are contrasting with black & white old ink printing.

What does your work aim to say?
I’m always looking for harmony, travelling around in space and time. I wanted to color the contradictions, create new situations and gives smile to people. The colors involve happiness, hope, glory, freedom, dreams and human matters.

Roux Leopoldine

What is art for you?
A reason to live What’s the philosophy you live by? Ichi-go ichi-e, a Japanese philosophy that guides my life. Get out of the routine, surround yourself with the right people, experience mindfulness, become a hunter of good times, and enjoy the little joys.

What are you working on now?
I work on two projects in parallel. Complementary. A series of artworks with nail polish on old engraving for a luxury Hotel in Rabbat, Morocco, commissioned by Joséphine Fossey and Florence Lipszyc for Atelier 27 in Paris. And an artistic integration for the surgical department of the CHIC Hospital in Créteil. An in situ production commissioned by Art dans la Cité also in Paris. I also prepare de large sculptural integration for the Bois de la Cambre in Brussels. The Rainbow seeds will be part of “Chemin de sculptures” curated by Louma Salamé for La Villa Empain / Fondation Boghossian in spring 2022.

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