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Interview with Paula Perroni

Paula Perroni is a transgressive and eclectic stylist and creative director based in Barcelona. She pursued a Bachelor's degree in Design in Barcelona and discovered her love for fashion, which marked the beginning of her career as a stylist.
Interview with Paula Perroni
Paula Perroni. Photo: Clara Fortuny

She possesses an eclectic and provocative imagination, inspired by everyday things and ordinary people. She loves to play with fashion, have fun, provoke, and tell stories through her outfits. Her passion for both high-end and low-end styles, colorful clothing, and high contrasts is always present in her work

What is your background?
I have always had a connection with art in various forms. Since I was young, I’ve had a keen interest in fine arts and drawing. I pursued my studies in fashion design in Barcelona and later ventured into the realm of styling. My educational background in design and art history has given me a unique and privileged perspective on fashion. I don’t limit my search for inspiration to fashion designers; I draw creative influence from painting, architecture, literature, performance, cinema, and more. Inspiration surrounds me everywhere I go. It’s found in the people I encounter on the streets who may not have a particular interest in fashion, my friends, and the people in my immediate surroundings.

How has your background in fashion styling influenced your creative approach to styling and directing fashion projects?
I often say that styling has been a lifesaver for me. It has broadened my perspective on the concept of imagery. Working as a stylist requires a constant search for inspiration and references. It necessitates staying connected to the present while also understanding the past. You must have a diverse knowledge base, be curious, read, and explore. I am committed to lifelong learning; styling has provided me with extensive knowledge in fashion, psychology, anthropology, history, and aesthetics, which has significantly enriched my creative universe.

Can you describe your style and how it influences your work as a fashion stylist?
I take delight in toying with fashion, deriving enjoyment from provoking and storytelling through it. I don’t adhere to strict rules when crafting a style. My passion for both high-end and more accessible styles consistently influences my work. I’m drawn to the eclectic and the audacious, embracing improbable combinations of prints and styles. This inclination likely stems from my primary sources of inspiration—ordinary people in my everyday surroundings who may not have a deep interest in fashion. It’s wonderful because they don’t carry the same preconceived notions about what’s right or wrong. To me, individuals unburdened by fashion biases epitomize true authenticity in the world of fashion.

What is the most important thing for you on the set?
For me, fostering good vibes among all the team members is paramount, from the photographer and set designer to the lighting technicians and models. As a stylist, what I enjoy most on set is playing with clothing and letting my creativity flow, and the space and atmosphere need to align with this. Often, I sense that the role of the stylist is overshadowed by that of the photographer. It can appear as though creative direction falls exclusively to the photographer, while the stylist’s role is limited to expressing these ideas through the outfits, which is regrettable. I firmly believe that stylists have valuable insights to contribute during the creative ideation of projects. The bond and mutual respect between the photographer and stylist are pivotal. In our country, I perceive that the role of the stylist is still undervalued and sometimes regarded as something purely superficial and devoid of substance.

interview fashion
Photo: Carla Deltoro

What are the essential skills and qualities that a successful fashion stylist should possess?
I think the essential quality would be the ability to tell a story or create characters through clothing. A good stylist must be capable of adapting to a moodboard or proposal, while always maintaining their essence. You need to understand the client’s message and craft a compelling narrative. A proficient stylist should stay attuned to current events and be aware of what’s happening in their surroundings. I’m not just referring to fashion; you must be highly conscious of the context and the times we live in, as well as the events unfolding around us. A skilled stylist should know how to observe, narrate, position themselves, and provoke… Aesthetics for its own sake has lost its value and meaning in the world of fashion.

interview fashion
behind the scenes. Photo: Paula Perroni

Are there any specific fashion designers, stylists, or artists who have significantly impacted your work and style?
A lot… And with each passing day, my list grows longer! Different forms of artistic expression have always been my primary sources of inspiration. When I first delved into the world of styling, I wasn’t particularly knowledgeable about fashion designers either. My true inspiration has always stemmed from my deep interest in painting, architecture, and performance art. Colors and textures play a pivotal role in my styling work. Artists like Marina Abramovich, Duchamp, Dalí, and the other Dadaists, Andy Warhol, and Pablo Picasso have all left a significant mark on my creative perspective. If I had to pinpoint the fashion designer who has had the most profound impact on me, it would undoubtedly be Alexander McQueen, owing to his unique storytelling approach.

What do you hope to achieve in your career? Any dream projects or goals you’d like to share?
Above all, I hope to continue being as happy as I am now. It sounds very classic, but that’s how it is. My work allows me to meet wonderful people who do the same thing as me, inspire and enrich me, and teach me a lot. I don’t set limits on my career; I’m open to everything! The design of accessories is something that I like, and I have a project in mind, but I can’t reveal anything just yet!

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