Photo: Joan Calsina

Alba Melgarejo is a young multidisciplinary artist from Barcelona. If you ask her what art means, she will answer you quickly and forcefully: expressing to heal, to release, and to remove.

background in fashion styling

Paula Perroni is a transgressive and eclectic stylist and creative director based in Barcelona. She pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Design in Barcelona and discovered her love for fashion.

Pati Baztán is a Spanish artist, based in Barcelona

Pati Baztán is a Spanish artist, based in the middle of the countryside near Barcelona. She paints as she lives, with wild abandon. She is more interested in being led by the desire, emotion, and primal instincts.

Marc Sparfel i in his studio

Marc Sparfel is a French artist, living and working in Barcelona for more than 20 years. He spent his childhood in the countryside, in front of the sea. His first contact with art was through his father’s books.

Jaume Ribas Granollers

Jaume Ribas was born in Granollers, a mid-size town in Catalonia, studied in a religious boarding school in Barcelona and licensed in Philosophy and Theology. He had his first solo exhibition in 1981.

sophie crichton interview

Sophie Crichton is a Barcelona based contemporary abstract painter originally from Toronto, Canada, where the allure of urban life began to fuel her artistic exploration and need.