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Sculptures by Marc Sparfel

Marc Sparfel is a French artist, living and working in Barcelona for more than 20 years. He spent his childhood in the countryside, in front of the sea. His first contact with art was through his father’s books on Ancient Civilizations.
Marc Sparfel i in his studio
Marc Sparfel i in his studio

It has been quite a long path to find himself as an artist. He studied and worked in different areas before being a sculptor. Currently his work is on display in galleries in Germany, France, Spain, United States and Israel.

What’s your background?
After considering applying to Architecture School, I finally graduated in Sales Techniques. Later I worked in theater as a technician, and I participated in the construction of various scenographies. This was a formative experience for me, as I got to discover the joys of the constructive process. Eventually, I went to Art School, but it wasn’t for me and I left during the third year. Finally I created my own path in sculpture, as I found I had always had a special relationship with the medium.

How do you create your sculptures?
I’m not in the habit of making sketches or maquettes. I work directly with wooden scraps in a kind of improvisation. I don’t think about anything but the piece while I’m working on it, it absorbs me entirely.

What inspires you?
As my work is abstract, it’s a bricolage of a multitud of inspirations, funneled through me from everyday life. Sometimes I can notice the inspirations of my work only in retrospect. For example, the empty spaces in my structures reminded me of industriales factories and machineries. Also, biking for an hour a day through the city, surely has an impact on my mind when I’m building these architectural constructions.

What motivates you?
Every day I go to my studio and cultivate a simbiotic relationship with my work. I love the freedom of being an artist and getting to escape the real world and go to my studio.

You live in Barcelona, how much does the city influence you?
I would say that the way the city influences me is mainly through the material I use. When I started, I would often use wooden furniture I found in the streets as the base materials of my sculptures. In this way, the histories and processes of the city are interwoven into my pieces. I still use reclaimed material, but now it’s just normal wooden scraps.

BCL7 71x57x37cm (1)
BCL7, 71x57x37cm

What are you working on now?
During the first lockdown, as of many artists, I was not able to go to my studio. Therefore I made a lot of paper collages at home. After some experimenting, I came to a type of construction with bicolors stretched shapes and empty spaces. Once I got back in my studio, I was progressively more aware of the influence the collages I had done had on my sculpture work, and right now I am following that new path.

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