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Pili Aloha by Kang Jun Seok

LKIF Gallery is pleased to present PILI ALOHA, the exhibition of the latest paintings by Kang Jun Seok. Kang Jun Seok was born in 1984 in Busan, South Korea. In 2014, he moved to Jeju Island, the beautiful southern island of Korea, where he came to be fascinated by a theme called “nature”. Apart from his past urban life, his new surroundings allowed him to create an emotionally restructured landscape. Now the nature of Jeju Island is one of his significant sources of inspiration.
kang jun seok RAINBOW LOVE 24x24 Acrylic on Canvas 2021
Kang Jun Seok, Rainbow love, Acrylic on canvas, 24x24cm, 2021

His way of painting is characterized by combining calmly toned colors and his gentle brush stroke on canvas, which makes his works dreamlike. Working with calm and subtle brushstrokes, he creates his unique surface texture. His works always involve the element of nature such as hills, fields, sea, trees and leaves. He also uses elements of his childhood memories and puts them in a greeny place where nobody can disturb.

The artist repeatedly paints figures like boys, girls, and pets in nature. Nice day 1-4 (2021) depicts four friends, each character gazes softly out at the viewers. They might be ourselves or our imaginary friends of youth. While the figures in Nice day 1-4 are just standing still, a group of friends in Rainbow Love 1-2 (2021) are running toward somewhere. They are all each other’s companion in his painting and they become a companion of viewers as well. In this exhibition, the artist brings his/our memories of childhood and depicts utopian places we have in mind. His painting is a reflection of his own way to seek a safe/peaceful state of mind. Through the characters reflecting how we spent time when we were young, the exhibition proposes the viewers recall themselves in the past acting out like the figures on the canvas.

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