Book. merritt k – LAN Party

merritt k is a writer and editor who has previously produced a book of poetry and an anthology of interactive fiction, as well as created and hosted several podcasts. She lives in New York.

Fishing 2021

GORSAD KYIV – represents a new wave of photographers from Ukraine. Gorsad’s works are mainly focused on youth, feelings, and sexuality in all their peculiarities and oddities.

Merritt K – LAN Party

Before high-speed internet connections, playing a multiplayer PC game meant hauling your bulky monitors and towers to a friend’s place, convention centre or church basement for a LAN party.

larrys garage the movie

In July of 2015 while surfing the net, the Italian DJ and music producer Corrado Rizza found what he considered to be an amazing video on YouTube. It was published by Hiroyuki Kajino.

ECHOLOT_MOSAIQUE_Open Feedback Format

ECHOLOT ist ein transdisziplinärer Kulturverein, um auf innovative Weise der Krise zu trotzen und einen neuen Kulturort für die transdisziplinären Künste zu gründen: Das LOT!