Wien Kunst

Dear Supporters, Readers, Friends.

For some time now, we have been delaying making our decision of postponing the release of our third issue (Vienna/Linz)public. We were holding on to the slight hope that maybe, just maybe, the situation would develop in a way that would yet allow us to celebrate our release as planned at the end of May.

And even though public life is slowly starting up again, and galleries are allowed to open their doors again, we decided to further postpone our release. This is because as a result of the current limits on public gatherings (bars, cafés, hairdressers, doctor’s offices, etc) we would not only be unable to organize a proper release-event but would also not be able to reach a lot of new readers.

As a magazine, our goal is to connect art enthusiasts, artists and galleries – regardless of whether emerging or established – and to create space for dialogue and foster exchange and inspiration. And so far, our releases have made exactly that happen – to our great delight.

Since we want to release and celebrate this third issue in the same manner, we decided to wait with it until we can get up and close with as many of you as can possibly fit into our venue. We will still be adding the zine to the issue and stick to the content we have decided on back at the beginning of the year, and we’re more than excited to share with you all that we have ready and waiting in our back pocket.

In the meantime, we will keep doing our best to provide you online with contemporary art and culture from Austria and all over the globe, new projects, cooperations, and interviews. Also, we have a Podcast in the waiting blocks which we’re stoked to launch in the near future – so stay tuned!

We hope to see and laugh and dance and drink with you soon. Best wishes
Daniel, Katharina, Laura, Merlin