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Francesco Ciccolella. Between The Lines

A decade after an overwhelming mental health crisis shook his family, illustrator Francesco Ciccolella stumbles upon a series of sketchbook drawings that prompt him to contemplate a world of complex emotions. What if there's more to these sketches than meets the eye?

„Between The Lines“ is an autobiographical visual essay that explores what it’s like when a loved one is caught in the grip of despair. Giving a poignant and intimate glimpse into the emotional turmoil caused by a family member’s suicide attempt, Ciccolella weaves images and words to create a poetical meditation on mental health and the act of drawing and invites the reader to join him on a beautifully personal journey of self-reflection.

Francesco Ciccolella states that most of the drawings featured in the publication are derived from his sketchbooks, spanning from 2013 to 2023. He redrew these sketches to align with the publication’s requirements. Some of the original drawings had previously been published in various newspapers and magazines, including the cover artwork titled „Autofiction,“ which was featured on the cover of The Guardian’s book review.

Francesco Ciccolella Studio
Cover. Francesco Ciccolella: Between The Lines

Ciccolella’s native languages are German and Italian but he chose to write the essay in English. He states that it was the only language that gave him sufficient distance from the book’s subject matter and the flurry of emotions associated with it. He also mentions that he has decided to share this very personal journey and the challenges he encountered along the way in the hope of providing some insight and understanding to people who have faced or are facing similar situations. Ciccolella hopes his book can contribute to a broader conversation about mental health and, eventually, help erase some of the stigma that remains attached to it.

About the author: Francesco Ciccolella, born in Salzburg in 1990, is an illustrator, graphic artist, and visual storyteller. His illustrations have graced the covers of international newspapers, magazines, and books. Renowned for his unique blend of wit and simplicity in form, he has earned prestigious recognition, including a Joseph Binder Award and a silver medal from the Society of Illustrators in New York. Since graduating from the University of Applied Arts Vienna, he has maintained a practice between commissioned and personal work, developing a distinctive yet eclectic visual voice of his own. He lives in Vienna, Austria.

Francesco Ciccolella: Between The Lines
Published by Verlag für moderne Kunst
Book Design by EXEX
ISBN 978-3-99153-049-7
120 pages, English
Softcover, 15 x 21,4 cm, Printed in Austria

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