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Interview. Nic Caruccio

His first memory of painting is when Nic Caruccio was three years old, drawing on himself and the walls in his house with permanent marker. He has been painting and drawing all his life, but really started taking it seriously in college at Columbia College Chicago. After graduating in 2018, Nic started focusing on developing his own style and subject matter. It is still a work in progress.

Subjects in you art?

My personal work currently focuses on human portraiture and emotions, coming directly from what I see in day to day life. I like focusing my work on faces and the human form, warping and twisting it. A place to face my fears. I mainly work in mixed media, varying from acrylic and pen on canvas to newspaper clippings and ink. My artistic goals are to expand my knowledge and skill set while remaining to true to my own artistic eye. 

How do you get ideas for your art?

I get my ideas for my art from faces and what I see everyday. I have found that each person carries themselves in a different way, and I like watching their movements, clothing, hairstyle, and general emotion. Taking those faces and experiences and translating them onto a canvas. The different colors, medium, size and style depends on how I am feeling and how I want to represent the work. In terms of process, depending on the complexity of the piece, I start with quick traditional pen and paper sketches, then put them onto the canvas and start to apply ink and paint.

What’s your favorite place in New York City?

I just moved to NYC about 6 months ago! I haven’t gotten the chance to go to the Met Museum or the Whitney yet, but I have been to a couple independent galleries in SoHo. It’s really good to see other forms of artwork, whether it be in a museum, graffiti on the subway, or someone sitting in the park. I love being able to go to my local coffee shop in Brooklyn, watching people and interpreting my thoughts and feelings into sketches in my notebook, which can later turn into paintings. NYC is like one big art gallery in itself, the perfect place to watch, listen and be inspired. 

What are your upcoming projects?

Right now, I am just focusing on creating more work and finding new ways to making my art pieces. I’m taking time to develop new styles and ideas, and then show the artwork in a gallery.

Nic Caruccio