Wien Kultur

First Issue. Release Party

On 13th of April - after three months of productive meetings, brainstorming and a lot of fun, we had release party for our first issue called «L‘AMOUR HATSCHER», which started at the Improper Walls Gallery and continued at Mutzenbacher. It was a wonderful evening with amazing people and great encounters, good sounds and a lot of alcohol.

Its was a great Party. We would like to thank: Dj Dazz, JazzdinationFM and Roadmusic Records for the sounds. The Team of the Improper Walls Gallery and Mutzenbacher for the locations. Fritz-kola, MAKAVA delighted ice tea, Markowitsch Weingut, Absolut, and Jameson Irish Whiskey for the drinks. And a special thank you to the artists for their trust, and big props to Edwin.

We left the party at 5am, only then we realized the extent of what we’d created.

To be continued
Much love
Katharina, Daniel, Merlin