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About Soundreaming

The project is produced through a framework of Artist-in-Residence programs at Fundació AAVC Hangar in Barcelona (ES), Kunstnarhuset Messen in Ålvik (NO), and Atelierhaus Salzamt in Linz (AU).

Ewa Doroszenko and Jacek Doroszenko – a duo of artists living and working in Warsaw. Jacek Doroszenko is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Ewa Doroszenko holds a doctorate in visual arts from the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun. Focusing primarily on the intersection of visual and sound arts, the Doroszenko duo uses digital manipulations in combination with traditional media. The works of the artists have been presented in numerous exhibitions, including Cidade das Artes in Rio de Janeiro, Historic Centre in Athens, Centre of Contemporary Art in Torun, Goldcorp Centre for the Arts in Vancouver, Matadero Contemporary Art Center in Madrid, Fait Gallery in Brno, Exgirlfriend Gallery in Berlin, Starak Family Foundation in Warsaw, Fait Gallery in Brno, Propaganda Gallery in Warsaw, Casoria Contemporary Art Museum in Naples, FIESP Cultural Center – Ruth Cardoso in Sao Paulo.

Beyond the production and output of sound, there is the role of the listener. I have always been fascinated by the role of human perception. I am aware that different people will make sense of the same experience in different ways. Furthermore, the same person may make sense of the same material presented at different times in different ways. This illustrates the role of the human brain as a receptacle of music and the mind as a transforming force via subjective perception – David Newman | sound artist & publisher | Audiobulb

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