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Assembled Half. Cultivation gestures

Assembledhalf is a Berlin based label by Sojin Park. Collections are focused on the natural world and the style of living slowly at your own tempo. The time honed process of making Hand painting garments by hand. Natural fabric about linen and cotton, made in small numbers using traditional handcraft.

A short introduction about yourself? 
I was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. As a kid, I’ve always like to make something with my hands using paper collaging, drawing around with materials. After graduating from a design college in Korea, I wanted to study more fashion and art. then move to Berlin. At that time, Berlin was a very attractive city for me.

I base on Berlin. fashion designer and painting artist I works including illustrator, printmaking, installation. I studied at Berlin S-mode, where I later working on making clothes by a label called in “Assembled Half “and personal artwork.

Fashion label “Assembled Half “, the important meaning in Assembled Half is “Between”. “The beauty of synthesis “and “sprit of Bibim” (“Bibim means in Korea a mix of different things) I’m interested in reinterpreting old things through transforming.  I’m doing now everything from designing to cutting and sewing myself. I always started my work with drawing and paint. And then connect them my collection. Usually, Assembled Half line either paint directly on the fabric or extend to my various art works in a handcraft way, therefore each piece is created by hand and produced independently, resulting in a unique and one of a kind piece just for the person who will be wearing it.

Where people can buy your clothes/art? 
Online or you can buy directly from my atelier visit or also purchase it in Berlin’s concept store at Studio 183, where Mitte and Bikini Berlin shop.

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