Anna Kuen im Studio in Berlin

Die Künstlerin Anna Kuen lebt und arbeitet in Berlin. Ihr Studium der Malerei hat sie an der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien in der Klasse Daniel Richter erfolgreich absolviert.

Studio portraits by Robert Gründler

Integrating my mother’s intricate handwritten notes, which she jots down in a Cy Twombly-esque fashion while attending to her patients , was a nice opportunity to collaborate with her and be closer to her.

Atelier auf Praterinsel, München 1999/2000

Hyon-Soo Kim grew up in the countryside of South Korea. The early death of her mother and the reading of Kafka and Nietzsche led her to the decision to study in Germany.

Elke Foltz Studio

Elke Foltz is a French painter. Her work is a search for balance within a constant chaos. All the elements aim to be in harmony and in perpetual renewal in spite of the prevailing disorder.

Fabienne Meyer's (aka Bings)

A dominating motive theme in her work is using the unexpected to create tension. Playing with the viewers expectations, she broaches the issue of moments paired with distorted items of her imagination.

Idowu Oluwaseun. A Coloured Story

A Coloured Story, a solo exhibition, by painter Idowu Oluwaseun explores Black intimacy across a spectrum of skin colours. In our ongoing racialized modernity, the taboo or the stigmata of being in possession of more or less melanin shows up in the pervasiveness of colorism—an inheritance of the violence of slavery and colonialism—that continues to organize intraracial sociality today.

Ferdinand Dölberg, Bitte Widersetzen!, Courtesy Galerie Anton Janizewski, Photo Sascha Herrmann.

„This is the way things are now“ Mark Fisher states soberly in his book „Capitalist Realism: Is There No Alternative?“. This is the world the way it is now, there is no way to change it.

Mino, imitation of life, 2017 framed 60 x 60 cm digital print, 1 / 3 + 1 AP

With my left hand, I am holding a picture of a dragonfly I took during a school trip to an insect museum.I don’t remember neither the location nor the exact year. For sure, that was during Primary School.

Interview Katharina Arndt

Katharina Arndt, die zwischen Berlin und Barcelona lebt, schafft Malereien und Leuchtschriften, die die Konsumkultur thematisieren und einen ironischen Blick und eine neue Perspektive auf die Welt.

Lee Wagstaff Studio Berlin

Lee Wagstaff is a Berlin based English artist working with painting, sculpture, printmaking and tattooing. He studied at the Royal College of Art in London and Kyoto City University of the Arts.

Katharina Sieverding, THE GREAT WHITE WAY GOES BLACK, IX, 1977. Color photograph, acrylic, and steel frames, 300 x 500 cm. Installation view of the exhibition: Katharina Sieverding – Close Up, KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin, 2005 © Katharina Sieverding, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2021.

Watching the Sun at Midnight at Museum Frieder Burda and Headlines at the museum’s Berlin exhibition space Salon Berlin brings together works spanning all phases of Sieverding’s pioneering.

Helmut Newton, Thierry Mugler Fashion, US Vogue, Monte Carlo 1995, © Helmut Newton Estate, Courtesy Helmut Newton Foundation

Ab dem 31. Oktober 2021 zeigt die Berliner Helmut Newton Stiftung die große Retrospektive. Die Ausstellung sollte ursprünglich anlässlich des 100. Geburtstags des Fotografen eröffnet werden.

Fabienne Meyer — aka Bings

In ihren großformatigen Ölgemälden oder Studien auf Papier, spielt Fabienne Meyer aka Bings mit der Erwartungshaltung des Betrachters und kreiert so ihre ganz eigene Welt.

Interview Daniel Spivakov

For the last days of Daniel Spivakov’s exhibition YOU’RE GONNA DIE in Berlin-Charlottenburg at Stallmann, Daniel talks about the things that matter most to him and his paintings.

Daniel Spivakov, The Good and the Bad, the Ecstasy, the Remorse and Sorrow, the People and the Places and how the Weather Was (over massacre), 2021. oil, enamel on inkjet print on vinyl 200 x 250 cm

I’m nothing more than what I put out there. These paintings need no explanation. Blood, paint, fingertips, footprints. Paint between thick and heavy brushstrokes and dissolving colour traces.

anne bengard berlin kunst interview

Anne Bengard wurde in Leipzig geboren und lebte in Berlin, bis sie im Alter von 9 Jahren in eine kleine Küstenstadt im Südwesten Englands zog, was zu einer doppelten Erziehung führte.

Marta Guisande | Bea Otto

We are pleased to present the first dialogue exhibition of the artists Marta Guisande and Bea Otto at kajetan Berlin, entitled abhanden (translated roughly as mislaid, give away, shed, stolen, lost).

Shot by Geiler Scheiss @geiler.scheiss starring Mercy Raw @theskeletonhousesrevenge Bonny Zahara @bonnyzahara Katja @katja.hippopotamus Honey Trap @honeyyytrap Ruby Weiß Wolf @curvesofsin

Playgirls Mansion Presents is a sex worker ran art and performance collective based in Berlin that focuses on creating safe spaces for sex workers to exhibit, connect and explore their artistic dreams.

Katja Hippopotamus dancer stripper

Katja Hippopotamus is an Australian born dancer and performance artist who is currently based in Berlin. She is of mixed race, mixed personalities and a mix of quiet accomplishment.

Various moments in Superbooth. Artists performing & events. Photo courtesy Superbooth & Angela Kröll

There are a couple of synth fairs on this planet, but one unquestionably stands out – Superbooth. The fair came to Berlin in 2016, but in fact, has a history of more than two decades.

Kathrin Linkersdorff: Fairies

Zum ersten Mal präsentiert die Galerie Springer Berlin Arbeiten der Künstlerin und Fotografin Kathrin Linkersdorff in einer Einzelausstellung mit Arbeiten aus ihrer neuen Serie Fairies.

Feryel Atek. - French artist based in Berlin

Feryel Atek is a figurative painter, and art therapist from Paris based in Berlin since 7 years. Her main medium are her large scale paintings and an abundant collection of more intimate, detailed drawings.