When you start writing, you never know where you will land, – says An during our last class. I want to continue genuinely seeing and feeling the art of those artists I work with, akin to T.J. Clark’s approach.

Installation view. Lou Jaworski NATURE, 2024, Courtesy of max goelitz Copyright of the artist. Foto: Marjorie Brunet Plaza

On the occasion of his first solo exhibition at max goelitz gallery in Berlin, we talked with the artist Lou Jaworski (*1981) about his production processes, horizons, AI, Pinocchio, and 3D fantasy.

Ausstellungsansicht. Lou Jaworski NATURE, 2024, Courtesy of max goelitz Copyright of the artist. Foto: Marjorie Brunet Plaza

For his first solo exhibition NATURE in Berlin, Lou Jaworski opens a space oscillating between material and cultural memory, the subconscious and post-minimalist forms.

Lauf mein Fohlen 2023

Laura Mercedes Arndt zeigt mit ihren Arbeiten eine subjektive Sicht auf ein provinzielles Aufwachsen, ein vermeintliches Idyll. Eine Landschaft mit blauem Himmel ist so ziemlich Sujet jeder Arbeit.

Ausstellung: Katharina Arndt. welcome to the pleasure dome

Lange Acrylnägel, ein *killer* Partnerlook, nachwachsende Achselhaare, Stick-and-Poke-Tattoos, stinkende Aschenbecher und jede Menge Smartphones: welcome to the pleasure dome!

Cornelius Woyke, Valentin Wedde, Georg Vierbuchen, Leonard Herfurth

C. Woyke, V. Wedde, G. Vierbuchen are showing new artworks made from Christmas Trees found on the streets of Berlin. Our tower room hosts an installation of CRT televisions by Leonard Herfurth.

Lou Jaworski, Untitled (detail), 2024

For his first solo exhibition NATURE in Berlin, Lou Jaworski opens a space oscillating between material and cultural memory, the subconscious and post-minimalist forms.

anexptg exhibition view Present Perfect Progressive Berlin photo: Matthias Leidinger @matthiasleidinger

For the exhibition Present Perfect Progressive Sascha (At)Huth and Susann Rezniczek temporarily joined forces to unite their artistic visions under the label AnexPTG. We talked about their visions.

Rocco und seine Brüder – Radikale Aktionskunst aus Berlin

Rocco und seine Brüder, ein Künstler-Kollektiv aus Berlin. Aus den illegalen Graffiti-Ursprüngen der Hauptstadt entstanden, sind sie heute Europas gefeierte Trainwriter-Stars. Doch das ist längst nicht alles.

Ferdinand Dölberg - Am Ende die Leerstelle. Ausstellungsansicht. Foto: Sascha Herrmann

Wenn kleine Kinder sich verstecken wollen, halten sie sich die Augen zu. Sie denken, wenn sie nicht sehen können, was sie umgibt, wären sie selbst ebenfalls unsichtbar für ihre Umgebung.

Daniel M.E.Schaal

In his exhibition „Ex: Re: Trans“ at CRAMA Berlin, Daniel M. E. Schaal contextualizes works from his repertoire as well as new works from 2023. Considering his background in theater studies.

Various moments in Superbooth. Artists performing & events. Photo courtesy Superbooth & Angela Kröll

SUPERBOOTH BERLIN is opening the ticket presale for this year’s SUPERBOOTH23. The world‘s premiere trade fair for electronic music instruments is happening from the 11th to the 13th of May.

Exhibition Anna Kuen [griàsde]

Anna Kuen presents with [griàsde] new works as well as a selection of paintings from 2021. She describes her artistic process as follows: „The topic of a new series usually comes up in the process.

Media Esfarjani

Before moving to Berlin to study fine arts at Universität der Künste, Media Esfarjani studied English literature and art education in Frankfurt. She finds her greatest sources of influence in literature.

Interview with Sara Rahmanian

Sara Rahmanian is a multidisciplinary artist fascinated by everyday objects and the absurdity of contemporary life. She uses painting to explore the imaginative gaps between reality and perception.

Rhys Lee at NBB Gallery Berlin, installation view

This exhibition encompasses the intuitive, raw and experimental spirit of the artist. The mix of vivid colors, subject matter and applied techniques of this specific curation are a reflection of the artist’s practice.

Installation view MONO NO AWARE, 2022, Generative free roaming game  | courtesy of the artists and Stallmann

MONO NO AWARE – the a first-person game in which the viewer can walk endlessly through a generative environment. It is filled with objects that are made through various means.

Anna Kuen im Studio in Berlin

Die Künstlerin Anna Kuen lebt und arbeitet in Berlin. Ihr Studium der Malerei hat sie an der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien in der Klasse Daniel Richter erfolgreich absolviert.

Studio portraits by Robert Gründler

Integrating my mother’s intricate handwritten notes, which she jots down in a Cy Twombly-esque fashion while attending to her patients , was a nice opportunity to collaborate with her and be closer to her.

Atelier auf Praterinsel, München 1999/2000

Hyon-Soo Kim grew up in the countryside of South Korea. The early death of her mother and the reading of Kafka and Nietzsche led her to the decision to study in Germany.

Elke Foltz Studio

Elke Foltz is a French painter. Her work is a search for balance within a constant chaos. All the elements aim to be in harmony and in perpetual renewal in spite of the prevailing disorder.

Fabienne Meyer's (aka Bings)

A dominating motive theme in her work is using the unexpected to create tension. Playing with the viewers expectations, she broaches the issue of moments paired with distorted items of her imagination.

Idowu Oluwaseun. A Coloured Story

A Coloured Story, a solo exhibition, by painter Idowu Oluwaseun explores Black intimacy across a spectrum of skin colours. In our ongoing racialized modernity, the taboo or the stigmata of being in possession of more or less melanin shows up in the pervasiveness of colorism—an inheritance of the violence of slavery and colonialism—that continues to organize intraracial sociality today.

Ferdinand Dölberg, Bitte Widersetzen!, Courtesy Galerie Anton Janizewski, Photo Sascha Herrmann.

„This is the way things are now“ Mark Fisher states soberly in his book „Capitalist Realism: Is There No Alternative?“. This is the world the way it is now, there is no way to change it.

Mino, imitation of life, 2017 framed 60 x 60 cm digital print, 1 / 3 + 1 AP

With my left hand, I am holding a picture of a dragonfly I took during a school trip to an insect museum.I don’t remember neither the location nor the exact year. For sure, that was during Primary School.