In their artistic practice, Vladyslav and Diana use letters as a means of artistic expression. Behind the sarcasm and ironic words or phrases found on their sculptures, they hide social problems, stereotypes, and their own experiences. The artist’s works are in private collections in the USA, Great Britain, France, Austria, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, and Qatar. They are currently collaborating with the Spanish art gallery Casa Estudio Granados.

How are you doing? Where are you currently located?
Currently, we are based in Kyiv. Despite the war in our country, we still work in our home studio, where we are experimenting with new forms and materials while exploring deeper themes through our art.

Diana Tarhonii and Vladyslav Prozorenko
Diana Tarhonii and Vladyslav Prozorenko

What does „PROZZORRR“ mean?
It’s really simple; our moniker is just an abbreviation of Vladyslav’s surname. As designers, we used the repetition of the letters Z and R when creating the logo signature for our sculptures for better visual placement.

How did the concept of the wooden mosaic come into existence?
The concept of creating sculptures using a technique similar to mosaics first came to Vladyslav. Therefore, using our knowledge of 3D programs, we created a digital sketch, after which we worked for a long time on selecting the main material and finally chose wood. Our first Mona Lisa sculpture was only an experiment, but it was successful. It inspired us to further develop this technique.

What role does the emotional component play in your art?
Unfortunately, today we live in days of emotional swings. Therefore, the complexity of our moods is often reflected in our works and the meanings we invest in them. Now we are working on the development of an art project where we want to talk about the problems of mental health of the individual, which in particular we are experiencing ourselves and in our Ukrainian society.

What role does communication play in your collaboration? How do you exchange ideas, and what means do you use to ensure that your creative ideas are conveyed?
We are a couple, not only as artists, so we spend almost all of our time together. When one of us comes up with a new idea, we immediately discuss it, supplement it with something new, and look for ways to implement it. Undoubtedly, communication in our practice is one of the main driving forces of our artistic life. We are very similar and, at the same time, very different, thanks to which we often successfully complement each other’s concepts.

Our technique doesn’t allow us to bring our ideas to life as quickly as we would like because each sculpture is created over several weeks to one month. Therefore, we save most of the successful ideas in paper and digital sketches, notes, or mini versions of future sculptures.

Diana Tarhonii and Vladyslav Prozorenko

Which materials and techniques do you prefer?
Currently, we prefer wood, plywood, and acrylic paint; this is by far the most working material in our arsenal, which allows us to implement concepts as accurately as possible. But we’re always experimenting, so the idea for the art project about mental health we talked about earlier involves the use of gypsum. Technically, it is more difficult, but in the future, we will see some of our artworks created from it.

What common goals and artistic visions do you have for the future of your duo?
Our main goal for the future is a large solo exhibition. We have been thinking about it for a long time and would like not just a personal exhibition but to create a certain show where we could express ourselves as artists not only through sculpture but also through another genre, performance.

Diana Tarhonii and Vladyslav Prozorenko
Diana Tarhonii and Vladyslav Prozorenko

What are your aspirations for 2024?
In 2024, we aim to implement our art project related to mental health issues, participate in group exhibitions in Spain, expand our collaborations with galleries, and simply be able to create more.


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