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Ernst Lima. Digital drawings

OVER THE LIQUID FACE OF THE DEEP: These digital drawings show bio-cyborg organism made of reconstructed fluid bodies that defies any norming. Inspired by the idea of a reformation of Genesis, I transfer the original state of chaos and boundlessness into a physical representation.

The visual components engage with the exploration of an expanded corporeality and its socio-cultural boundaries. By creating fluid limitless representations of a bodily organism, I abolish the boundaries of a body and create expanding ways of corporeality.

Ernst Lima (*aquarius) is a trans media artist and composer based in Vienna, Austria. She works at the intersection of digital and analog processes, which influence her visual work as well as her handling of auditory material in her music production. In spatial collages of drawings, prints and sound installations, she creates a dialogue between the media. Her practice explores the boundaries of physical and virtual life and the bodily reaction on the technological self-extension. She creates a symbiosis of physical and virtual corporeality by expanding her visual explorations using sound, which displays the physical reactionary component in her practice. Her works have been shown in national and international exhibitions such as Sotheby’s Artist Quarterly (Vienna), Bildraum 01 (Vienna), das weisse haus (Vienna), Parallel Vienna and Friche la Belle de Mai (Marseille). In 2021 she received the START grant for media art from the Federal Chancellery of Austria, as well as the Bildrecht Young Artist Award.

ernst lima spielzimmer
Artist. Ernst Lima

Spielzimmer. Michael Kaufmann and Ronald Harder, two art enthusiasts offer emerging artists their playroom (=Spielzimmer) for exhibition projects in their private home. The hosts always invite a colourful mix of curators, collectors and art lovers to have a nice evening with drinks and snacks. In this relaxed setting, apart from the commercial pressure of the galleries and the formal structures of the institutions, the project provides space for discussions and networking. The completely privately funded project was launched end of 2015 and takes place four times a year.