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Pia Krajewski. Sight and Touch

ARTUNER is pleased to present "Sight and Touch", an exhibition of artworks by Pia Krajewski. Opening at Via Fatebenefratelli 5, Floor 1, on September 8th, 2021, the exhibition will be on view until the 19th of September.

Located in the heart of Milan’s Centro Storico and artistic scene, the exhibition space falls in the elegant and artistically renowned Brera neighbourhood. „Sight and Touch“ will take place only a few minutes walkway from the prestigious Pinacoteca di Brera. The exhibition will be Pia Krajewski’s first solo in-person show, after her solo ARTUNER online curations „Floating Craters“ (2020) and „Untitled (Soft Built)“ (2021). The large-scale canvases and diptychs will create a fully immersive experience imbued with abstraction, contrasting with the traditionally elegant architecture of the building.

In this monochromatic series, Krajewski’s subjects bloom gracefully. Unaffected by gravity, the sitters flutter across Krajewski’s canvas with lightness, instilling wonder in the viewers. Stemming from her previous terracotta series, the exhibited artworks function as a progression of the artist’s discourse.

In the same fashion of her prior presentation, as seen in „Pia Krajewski: STUDIOSCAPE“, the subjects lend themselves to a more intuitive form of abstraction. The sitters emerge in sharp definition from a background of paint buffed with a cloth, showing the artist’s manipulation of the paint’s opacity. The juxtaposition of the cloth with the paint-brush grants an ever stronger tactile feel: viewers will be able to almost feel the textures of the silken protagonists of her canvases. The painting process bestows the subjects with added dynamism; accentuated by the paint strokes, the sitters appear in motion, almost caught in the middle of a breath as their curves swell and drape delicately. Moulded by an invisible influence, haptic shapes rise and fall within Krajewski’s canvases, curling and swelling before the viewers.

Exhibition in Milan | Submission
Exhibition in Milan | Submission

A pivotal part of Pia Krajewski’s artistry is the viewer’s contemplation of her artworks. Spectators naturally attempt to connect an abstract image with something more categorisable and rational, and Krajewski, instead, offers the realm of the unexpected. Familiarity is a usual backdrop to Krajewski’s paintings: Pia Krajewski picks and pulls known textures and subjects from the real world, distancing them from their usual setting and representing them as concepts. Objects become fleeting essences laid out on canvas for us to begin to understand – hovering just above the rational, nearing it, but never quite meeting it.

Exhibition in Milan | Submission
Exhibition in Milan | Submission

Pia Krajewski is born in 1990 in Cologne, Germany. She spent seven years at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf studying painting under Dietmar Lutz and Andreas Schulze. Following her graduation, Krajewski participated in the Winsor & Newton scholarship program at Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin, Germany. She has been part of ARTUNER’s inner circle of artists ever since the residency completion.