Entangled series - Two leaves [Serie Entangled – Due foglie], 2023, Courtesy Artra Gallery, ph Matteo Cremonesi

“Time/space”, Helga Franza says. We’re debating the title of a sculpture she created at the banks of the Danube. Time comes first, according to the artist: “If you change time, reality collapses.”

show held at Colla Super in Milan

Ron Laboray is an American multimedia conceptual artist known for his paintings, drawings, videos, and sculptures about time and popular culture. Laboray’s work is scientific.

Portrait Alberto Garutti

This text had been blurry in my mind for months, but only now has it gained meaning. Perhaps because night has fallen, and I’ve come to understand that despite people are used to leaving.

thomas berra

Thomas Berra, born in 1986, is part of the emerging wave of Italian painters. Having worked in various studios, including one in Finland, he has now returned to his former studio in Barlassina.

Monographic Exhibition

The review recounts a visit to a monographic exhibition in PAC Milano. The critic gets obsessed with eight expanded monitors, which show a cycle of works of Ancarani entitled Memories for Moderns.

The indeterminacy of an encounter_environmental and sound installation_2021_frames from videodocumentation _courtesy the artist and Merz Foundation

Nina Carini was born in Palermo in 1984 and her education took place between the Academy of Fine Arts of Verona and Milan and the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts of Lyon.

Tai Shani, NHA2, 2021, Wood, glass, brass, sand, epoxy, LED lights, d. 60x75 cm Courtesy: The Artist and Clima, Milan

By redefining perception, and exposing the relationships and boundaries between subjects, substances, systems, and worlds, we perform this ongoing immersive act. You might need to find a way to ‘enter’.

chinese artist Liu Xuanzhu

Liu Xuanzhu graduated from the Mural Painting Department of China Academy of Art in 2014 with a Bachelor’s degree and graduated from the Painting Department of Venice Academy of Fine Arts in 2019.

Teresa Giannico Artist

Teresa Giannico uses photography as a catalog of patterns. She relates to aesthetics and wants her viewer to ask themselves what is looking at and to ruminate on how the picture is composed.

6. Federica Francesconi, untitled diptych, (clickbait), enamel on canvas, 200x150 cm, 2022

Her work studies the concept of perception and its alteration of it in painting and installation. From the light-shadow relationship, perception its alteration expand toward the investigation of art and the art system itself.

Stefano Cagol, Monuments to the flow (of matter), 2022 reclaimed polythene jars, hand shaped on fire, marble pedestals, variable dimensions

The artist decided to take up the abused definition of the era of the human being to peruse its end, imagining a world in which anthropogenic interferences continue their course even after us, an era close to its end.

Matteo Negri, Untitled, 2011, Place M. Barres, Paris

At the art fair „The Others“ Turin in 2021, Supergiovane are the closest Neighbors of Les Nouveaux Riches Magazine booth. Matteo Negri is one of the representatives of the group of artists.

Matteo Negri, Ho mangiato un’idea, 2021, installation at ArteA Gallery. Photographer: M.Carenzi

The ArteA Gallery in Milan presents „I ate an idea“, the personal exhibition of Matteo Negri, curated by Alberto Fiz, which proposes an unpublished project that is presented for the first time in an organic way.

Max Mondini, Ho trovato più verità nelle bugie che bugie nelle verità (2012), Folded staples, aluminum chair. Environmental dimensions (2 x 3.5 and 3.6 x 0.2 cm)

It was March 2021 when I first approached Italian artist Max Mondini. Normally in my preview interviews, I’ve been fond of asking and delving into different works by an artist.

miart 2021, installation view, ph: Paolo Valentini

The role of the fairs has changed a lot over the last few years. The fair as a pure exhibition space, as a place of buying and selling no longer makes sense in a world in search of contents .

Francesco Arena, Terza mostra: tre cose, 2021, Installation view at Galleria Raffaella Cortese, Milano, Ph. Roberto Marossi

These are some of the words on which Francesco Arena based his third solo show in Galleria Raffaella Cortese’s three exhibition venues, Terza mostra: tre cose [Third exhibition: three things].

materiaprima. Alice Mestriner & Ahad Moslemi

materiaprima is the new exhibition by Alice Mestriner (Treviso, 1994) and Ahad Moslemi (Teheran, 1983), visible from Monday 13 September to Saturday 9 October at Lancetti railway station in Milan.

Gaia De Megni, Il peso del tuono, 2021three live acts, three engraved bluestones, three photographies, courtesy the artist and Giorgio Galotti

A project in between the domestic life and the virtual experience. A space obtained from a private house in Milan dedicated to display works by artists in touch with the gallery, presented by a brief essay.

Maria Orfano. Acrylic Needs

Since Maria Orfano was young she developed passion for drawing and painting; until the age of 24 her art was mainly focused on figurative and pictorial works, with a certain interest towards digital art.

Maria Sharova & Dmitry Okruzhnov

A.MORE Gallery, is pleased to present “Remove. RM”, first solo exhibition in Italy of Maria Sharova and Dmitry Okruzhnov. The exhibition is presented with a text by Domenico De Chirico.

federico rottigni

Federico Rottigni is a visionary creator, an experimental pastry chef. Proudly living a life as an outsider, non-conformist, in perpetual search of pleasure. After holding various positions in restaurants & hotels.

Cortesy of miart & Studio Folder

Dismantling the Silence is the title of the visual campaign created by Studio Folder for miart 2021, the twenty-fifth edition of the modern and contemporary art fair in Milan, Italy.

pasquale leccese My New Office. London. 2014

If you were strolling in a library and found a book with the title MY NEW OFFICE, what would you imagine? This book could be in the Arts, Philosophy, or maybe also in the Interiors section.

Alice Paltrinieri, 12V (x8), 2021, Exhibition view

venerazioneMUTANTE, the exhibition season by spazioSERRA dedicated to the transformation of site-specific works during their stay, continues with 12V (x8), a personal exhibition by Alice Paltrinieri.