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Gracelee Lawrence. Collected Trot

In “Collected Trot”, Gracelee Lawrence presents a solo exhibition of her sculptural works for the first time in Europe at Galerie Peter Gaugy in Vienna. Moving through scans of her own body which are alternatingly cropped, shrunken or elongated, she engages a dance-like rhythm with repetitions of fruits, vegetables and gently hinted-at floral arrangements.
Gracelee Lawrence “Collected Trot” Galerie Peter Gaugy, Vienna
Install View. Gracelee Lawrence “Collected Trot” Galerie Peter Gaugy, Vienna. Photo: Courtesy of Galerie Peter Gaugy

The sculptures, many of which are hung on the wall at eye level, are 3-D printed in a flamboyant color range of resins and biodegradable plastics that quickly transform the Earth Mother origins of her subject matter into something entirely alien. Lawrence’s teasingly edible delights dare me to consider words like “tutti frutti” and “berryliscious” but stop right there – this cornucopia is for a picnic on Mars.

I want to feel safe around this work, meaning, that I “get it” because I recognize the berries and the bananas. I wish it were easy to feel grounded by the familiarity of Lawrence’s subject matter. Instead I am thrown asunder into a new impression of life on Earth. What is she trying to tell us?

As if a Bridge Could Close the Rift (2022) 3D printed UV Resin, pearl pigment, unique piece
As if a Bridge Could Close the Rift (2022) 3D printed UV Resin, pearl pigment, unique piece. Photo: Courtesy of Galerie Peter Gaugy

Lawrence is asking us to reexamine our relationship to Earth and its delights by presenting sparkly and super smooth edibles that are just too pretty to eat. She dangles the thread of pleasure before our eyes, tempting us to take a bite out of her artificial world. Why food? Feeding ourselves is one of the most intimate acts we can do with our own bodies. Lawrence’s confectionary relics illuminate the quiet loss of ancient forms of intimacy and pleasure, and present a readjusted version of our animalistic connection to Earth that has been replaced by a detached addiction to technology. Her ability to make this new world look so appealing begs me to ask if intimacy and pleasure can be heightened by technology, or are we simply further separated from that which makes us human?

Exhibition: Gracelee Lawrence. Collected Trot
Exhibition duration: until February 18, 2023

Address and contact:
Galerie Peter Gaugy
Goldschlagstrasse 106 Vienna, 1150 Austria

About the writer: Lauren Nickou is an American artist and writer living in Vienna.