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group exhibition. Inhabiting

A car breaks the silent and as the air is vibrating from a soundless noise we move with our awareness from the immediate surrounding our bodies happen to occupy at this very moment, into the virtual space in front of us.

The exhibited works demands us to stretch back into our memories, resonating with our own personal experiences. Paintings pushing the boundaries, refusing to stay inside their confinements. As our ongoing act of Inhabiting becomes too large to be held within the borders of our concept of the singular mind it spills out into a shared collective. This is where we meet.

This group exhibition features artists living and working in Sweden with artists living and working in Austria.

Group exhibition: Inhabiting curated by Kajsa Rhodin
Exhibition duration: 08.06.2023 bis 30.07.2023

Jim Thorell. Living in Stockholm, represented: Loyal Gallery in Stockholm (Amy Giunta and Martin Lilja) www.loyalgallery.com/artists/jim-thorell/
Oskar Hult. Living in Stockholm, represented: Anna Bohman Gallery in Stockholm www.oskarhult.com
Josefine Östberg Olsson. Living in Gothenburg, with exhibitions at places like Galleri Cora Hillebrand and Göteborgs Konsthall www.josefineostbergolsson.se
Lena Mattsson. Living in Malmö, with exhibitions at places like Moderna Museet Malmö, Moderna Museet Stockholm and Louisiana Museum of Modern Art www.lenamattsson.net/
Daniela Grabosch. Living in Vienna, with exhibitions at places like Das Weisse Haus and VBKÖ, now an upcoming solo show at New Jörg Wien, also founder and editor in chief of –> yyyymmdd.de, www.danielagrabosch.com
Sofia Cruz Rocha
Living in Vienna, represented: Galeria Enrique Guerrero www.sofiacruzrocha.com