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Interdisciplinary artist. Alya Hatta

Alya Hatta (b.1999, Malaysia) is an interdisciplinary artist based between London and Kuala Lumpur. She graduated from her BA Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London before finding herself in the MA Painting Course at Royal College of Art.
Always Greener 18th - 22nd June 2021 Goldsmiths Fine Art Degree Show, Ben Pimlott Building
Always Greener 18th – 22nd June 2021 Goldsmiths Fine Art Degree Show, Ben Pimlott Building

She has exhibited internationally in London, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Milan and Tübingen amongst others and is exhibiting her fourth solo show in London  in August of 2022. Hatta is a member of ‚Unamed‘ and  ‚FloorFive‘ collective, who are currently part of a year-long residency at Goldsmiths CCA.

How are you doing today?
Happy, relaxed and excited for things to come. It’s been perfect weather in London and spent the day at Tate, eating pizza and walking around the city.

What inspires you as an artist?
I would say that I’m the most inspired by the people around me and the communities I live within. I am usually very attentive and attached to certain conversations I have with my family and friends, and hold onto memories dearly. I constantly revisit these interactions I’ve had with those close around me, and think about how time has changed how I respond to these moments. Another icon I constantly revisit are the plants that have travelled with me throughout my childhood, the same tropical plants that my mother plants in the garden and keeps in the house to remind us of Malaysia despite being abroad.

alyahatta Goldsmiths, University of London

What motivates you to create?
A constant desire to evolve my practice and be the best version of myself in general. I want to push my mediums as much as possible. Growing up, being in school and despite being capable, every subject to me was such a drag, I think art was the only thing I didnt dislike doing. So that motivates me as well, just sort of thinking, if not this then what else? Theres an element of joy that comes with seeing the work come to life, the colours of paint layered on top of each other, or seeing the 3d models move, the desire to discover new moments that capture the eye are very motivating.

Artist Statement:
Drawing on personal experiences and memories, Hatta uses the dynamism of colour, form, sound and space to explore the realm of digital and physical in representing her Southeast Asian identity, and to portray the colourful intimacies of the diasporic human condition. She takes inspiration from the communities of both her South-London and Kuala Lumpur residences as well as Southeast Asian mythology to create alternate realities in an attempt to find new spaces in which she can call home.

How do you choose your objects?
The objects are always motifs that that repeat from childhood until now, like tropical plants or furniture that I’ve been accustomed to: traditional wooden tables, plastic chairs on the side of the road, my two german shepards. Because most of my imagery comes from piecing together bits of memories from here and there, I guess it makes sense for all my visual ammo to come from my past. A lot of the time, the paintings will chose the objects themselves. I’ll be at a point where I think somethings just not quite right with a work, and sort of use the space and colours to tell me what object would best suit it, regardless of whether it makes sense or not.

It’s really just in the moment I would say, and things are always best for me when they’re organic.

Do you dream about your art?
I’ve never actually dreamt about my art, although sometimes I’ll go to bed so confused about a work and something in my dream would have work out a solution for me. By the time I wake up it’s all gone though, so it’s all pretty much useless.

What does the first hour of your day look like?
In bed like everyone else. I’ve become way more of a night person, so I’ll allow myself that whole hour, then probably eat some left overs and get to work. My studio is currently at home, so it’s a short commute to my living room which saves me a lot of time :).

Alya Hatta and her inflatable girls
Alya Hatta and her inflatable girls

When is your favorite time of day to create?
Recently, 5pm-11pm. London is way too hot right now to be working in my studio any time before, sweating all over the work and everything.

Where do you exhibit now?
I’ve just wrapped up a solo show at The Room London, and for the first half of September I will be part of two group shows at Indigo + Madder and Omer Tiroshe in London, as well as at Sydney Contemporary art fair with Yavuz Gallery.

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