Chloe McCarrick

In Anna’s landscapes, Anna shifts from figuration to abstraction, playing with space and employing the Japanese principles of Shibumi, an ever-present influence in her work.

magic realist, Eileen Cooper

Sometimes described as a magic realist, Eileen Cooper brings an unapologetically female perspective to her subject-matter. Her concerns are as relevant and timeless as those of the human spirit itself.

Anna Sampson photography

Anna Sampson is a self-taught photographer who shoots on film and prints in the darkroom. She graduated in 2015, where the central focus of her work was a series of portraits, titled Gender Trouble.

spiralled book by seana gavin

The new IDEA book is SPIRALLED by visual artist Seana Gavin. The book is an unravel back in time to the nineties, when Seana was an underage devotee of the underground rave scene.

Daria Borisova interview

Daria Borisova, born in Russia, is a London based, curator and art advisor. She focuses on established and young emerging artists who inspire progressive understanding and promote lasting change.