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Interview with Blanca Amorós

Blanca Amorós (born 1990) is a Spanish artist based in Vienna. Her mysterious and yet familiar paintings, based on found photographs and other archival source materials, deconstruct with irony some mythologies of our post-industrial society. Her work, which she carefully displays in the exhibition space designing compositions, has been welcomed in several European countries as well as in Taiwan and South Africa.

Tell us about your childhood.
I grew up in a city called Elche that has a lot of palm trees.

How would you describe yourself?
1,66, female, brown hair, owner of Rauhaardackel

Blanca Amorós
Blanca Amorós. Foto: Dorthee Post

What does your work aim to say?
My practice consists of a continuous labor of searching, collecting and juxtaposing all kinds of old found materials. I dig through the leftovers of the western goods production and rearrange the fragments in my paintings creating new fictions. For instance, in my most recent canvases, I depict paintings within paintings, putting into dialog subjects borrowed from forgotten family photos, old magazines or encyclopedias. This association process becomes completed off the surface of the painting, in the exhibition space, where I create constellations of paintings and objects, installations that offer the viewer different perspectives to connect these elements. All in all it is a process of re-contextualization, that discloses the adverse side of images and objects that surround us: the ideological domination of our private life that is intrinsic to capitalism.

Valencia, Munich, Vienna. What connects these cities?
These are the cities where I have lived most of my adult life and where I studied Fine Arts. I graduated in 2013 in the Facultad de Bellas Artes in Valencia and after that I continued studying in the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Munich, where I obtained my Diploma in 2018. I’ve lived in Vienna ever since I did an Erasmus exchange at the Angewandte in 2016. Nevertheless, a lot of my work still takes place in Germany, where I’ve been exhibiting and teaching in the past years.

Blanca Amorós
„Matratze für ein großes Ego“, 80x110cm. Oil on linen, 2020

What are your next goals in life and also with your art?
The usual stuff that a girl wants: find love, not to die too soon, find a good gallery representation… and also keep on painting, teaching and doing interesting exhibitions and other projects. For instance, I plan to release three books in 2021 in which I explore the concept of vacation through my collection of found photography. I also have an upcoming solo show in Vienna that now has been postponed due to the Corona regulations. The dates are not certain yet, but it will be in Studio Walls and you all are invited to come!

Blanca Amoró