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Junri Kamiwaki. MFW2020

Ports 1961. Via Palermo, 10. Sunday, 23th of February. It was my last day in Milan and actually, I just wanted to have one last espresso and a short walk through the city. By chance I came into a street where the PORTS 1961 fashion show just took place.

In the beginning, I watched it happen from a distance. Among the 30 photographers who seemed to only press their shutter release as much as possible, there was one girl with an analog camera.

She interacted with the people she took portraits of. I was pretty sure that her pictures would fit well in our magazine, so I gave her my business card and asked her to send me her work.

Junri Kamiwaki was born in Shibuya City, Tokyo, and she is currently studying Photography at the Nippon Photography Institute. I am very excited and happy that we can show her photos from Milan Fashion Week 2020 on our platform.

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