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Notes from an opening

I have faced this exhibition flyer a couple of times; in different mediums: newsletter, facebook, instagram. August has been a long month and quite a lot has happened, even though when people ask, I seem to forget what has been so intense.

On my mind now is cat-sitting, watering flowers, taking pictures of strangers that are buying the furniture of a friend that has decided to leave this town for a while, visiting C, buying with him furniture. Looks like  this summer some people are selling furniture and others are acquiring. 

barbara palomino

August is slowly coming to its end, the moment that I realize it, is meanwhile I sit with C next to the waterfront of the Danube. The wind and the sky shows signals that summer is going to end soon. I have been very few times swimming this year, but as it hasn’t been in a real sea, so I do not have the complete feeling of summer, or summers that I have been used to. Maybe, I should get used to the fact that summers might look differently, there cannot be a forever repetition of things that I used to do. I do not know why I have been going in so few exhibitions during this last months, even though galleries have since long re-opened. This night, I take an underground ride, the U6. For some time, I was disliking to use it, but now, I somehow evaluate the fact that this is the only line in Vienna that is mostly going above ground-city arch. I wear a mask, that takes a bit of my breath, but on the same time something beautiful is happening – my pupils are widening. 

On arrival at the gallery,  I read the full title of the exhibition for the first time A POOL FULL OF YELLOW.

So, it is indicating that this pool is of another color, meanwhile most of us are used with pools in different variations of blue. I get unsure if this is just a personal knowledge or a collective and than I start to google „colors for swimming pools“. And this is what google suggests. Different blues and greens that are called: Quartz, Pacific, Pearl, Jade, Beach, Sapphire, Atlantic. But artists are dreamers, they dream in different colors.

The exhibition is on an art space that is called basement. I call it Bazament, because where I come from is also a gallery with this same name. It is nice to search for the entrance. Not located directly outside of Grundsteingasse 8. You have to go through two different yards. In the second one, on the left side there is a small table which serves drinks, and on each of this glasses is written the first letter of the person that is drinking it. Mine has an E. When I am leaving the exhibition space I see a couple of vice versa turned glasses. All of them have a letter, the letter of the person, that decided to do not drink anymore for this evening or that has already left. 

People today take their time. Even the artists, the curator and the lady of the Verein 9 „Arabesken“. 

It was interesting for me to narrate the whole surrounding of the exhibition. Inside of the space, you can see the processive/empirical dialogue between the German artist Franziska Degendorfer and the Austrian Artist Petra Gell, curated by Katharina Wendler. It can be really called a good led dialogue. Paintings & collages of Degendorfer meet  soft installation practices of Gell. There are many happy colors, but nothing makes you tired. Geometry, expressed among other materials, with grids, blinds stimulates order. The collages and paintings made on cardboard, textiles give you the pleasure of tearing them softly up for seeing what it is behind. The peas color blinds make you to want to stay there forever. Do not forget to take with you a printed copy of the Skype conversation of Miss F, P & D. By reading those 6 pages, you have a feeling of co-being in three different cities, Vienna, Karlsruhe and Berlin and if you read carefully, you might find also some interesting reading tips.

The sound work has a post-exhibition origin. I was talking with Cornelius Wildner about the exhibition, about impressions, grids and he was answering to the visual and narrative material with a 302 second work. Match of colors of the Avid Pro Tools and the exhibition photographies are simply coincidence.

Till the of September. Visiting Times
Thu.- Fri. 17-20
Sat.- Sun. 15-19
Grundsteingasse 8, Top 34-35, Hof 2, 1160 Wien