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Redgrits an artist from India

Redgrits is a 19 year old multidisciplinary artist from India, based in United Arab Emirates. Her practice includes the exploration of organic identity, subjectivity, objectivity and materialism through multidisciplinary mediums such as video, animation, photography, 3D, intersecting analog and digital mediums. Her work remains a constant process of continuous weekly experimentation with a selected collection of narrative and finished material.
Untitled by Redgrits 2019
Untitled by Redgrits 2019

What is your artistic approach towards your pieces?
When I create my pieces, it usually starts with transcribing textual matter from my earlier poetry into visual form, I am trying to communicate a sense of correlation between contrasting and complex ideas – showing that no matter how polarizing certain matters and subjects are – all is connected, in the most selfish or in the warmest way. This process of making connections between dissonant subjects is an ongoing lane of experimentations between mediums and subject matters. It is almost cathartic in the sense that it eliminates most of my experience of loneliness and asserts my experiences in a way to myself.

Portrait. Redgrits
Portrait. Redgrits

Do you make sketches beforehand, or is it all in your head?
It usually comes erratically in my head, it’s always running, and I get satisfaction in making sure that I’m actualizing every bit of this, it’s just a constant itch, the urge to put it out visually so I can see my thoughts – so my work tends to be inconsistently consistent.

You are living in the United Arab Emirates. How is the art market there like?
It is still growing. There is always something to expect and engage with.

Growing up in a place where everything advances every day, I find peace in creating images that break down my thoughts on the process of this growing world.

Why Video Art?
Growing up in a place where everything advances every day, I find peace in creating images that break down my thoughts on the process of this growing world. I like to incorporate concepts that are in my head and place them in the context of reality – a break from true reality by turning it into a state of unreality – exposing reality in an altered and fluid way. Image and video are a few of the mediums I use to convey my thoughts about the self – it’s relation to the external world and emotions such as dilation, disorientation, and abstraction to the public. I am deeply influenced by the moving world – people talking, walking, how cars move and blare, watching buildings get constructed, the sound of metal hitting the ground. My work acts as a mirror of my incoherent thoughts of the world due to its rapid growth and lack of time to understand its process.

When do you feel free?
I feel free the most when I’m creating. I get elated in the thought and process of trying to creating something new and connect ideas.

What projects are you working on right now? Is an exhibition planned for this year?
Right now I’m focusing on experimentations that are mostly technical, not necessarily things that some may find easy to engage with, but the experimentation works as connective tissue to pull concepts together. I’m seeking to release more work soon.

Material Provocation - Bleeding Dirham by Redgrits (2019)
Material Provocation – Bleeding Dirham by Redgrits (2019)

You can visit my work Eye Consume Eye 2018, which has often struggled to get a platform due to its nature. This film will be exhibited for the first time at the international group exhibition at CICA Museum in Gimpo, South Korea from October – November 2020.