Amsterdam Kultur

Series. Studies in Gravitation

Katy Hundertmark is an artist and editor based in Amsterdam. For her photographic series ‘Studies in Gravitation’ she returned to her family’s disused farm estate in the German countryside to reassemble textiles, tools and other materials.

This work creates new connections between her personal heritage and the land that shaped it, while looking at the construction and placement of memories.

The approach Hundertmark takes towards photography has a strong affiliation to theatre production and employs performance as a way of inhabiting the photographic space. The images touch upon ideas of place and deterioration; Forgotten yield is collected and balanced cautiously while agricultural tools, which were passed through all generations hands, are reconfigured to abstract sculptural objects that defy gravitation. Just like those tools once used to slice, plow and grind through firm soil this work unearths abandoned objects and brings buried memories to the surface of the image.

Katy Hundertmark –