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What binds the natural and the artificial worlds is a thin interwoven string of artistic exploration found in Susi Gelb's exhibition LOOPZRING. Equipped with a fascination for scientific boundaries and discoveries, Susi enters a visual dialogue with the likes of Fibonacci and Mandelbrot, and just like a deep train of thought, she pulls us into her artistic cosmos.
Exhibition view. Susi Gelb - LOOPZRING
Exhibition view. Susi Gelb – LOOPZRING

Spinning vortexes, spiralling flora, and whirling water, whizzing particles, and a drilling apparatus – the oscillating pull of our endless universe, l’appel du vide. 

Susi Gelb (born 1985 in Bad Tölz, Germany) is based between Berlin and Munich, Germany. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich in 2014. She has been artist in residence at w-o-l-k-e (Brussels), Malimage Monitor Center (Sri Lanka) and Fogo Island (Newfoundland).

Recent exhibitions include Gegenüberstellungen at Museum Schloss Moyland (Bedburg-Hau), Various Others at Nir Altman (Munich), and Unworlding (Frieze London). In 2015 Susi Gelb founded the nomadic artist-run space easy!upstream in Munich, and has curated several exhibitions. 

Exhibition: Susi Gelb – LOOPZRING curated by Aliya Bombelaj, Orlando Werffeli, Susi Gelb, Niko Abramidis
Exhibition duration: 7.10.2022-5.11.2022

Address and contact:
The Lighthouse 
Rämistrasse 3, 5th floor 8001 Zurich