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Magazine. The second issue of blank

We find ourselves living in times of crisis. On a personal level, everyone experiences their own crisis and, at the same time, is being exposed to a collective crisis. Now, more than ever, the latter, a social crisis, has become synonymous with an omnipresent phenomenon.

The second issue of blank will shed light on crisis from many different angles, unstable and yet resilient. The theme is approached by more than 60 students and young graduates from all around the world, who responded to our Open Call. Guided by David Gallo’s graphic design, which in itself is moving in and out of crisis, we are experiencing various turning points: literary, visual, critical, artistic, personal, political, serious and ironic.

The new issue of blank is approaching, tackling and contemplating the phenomenon of crisis. Already collected and selected in autumn 2019, the contributions do not deal with COVID-19, and yet they touch the pandemic.

blank is an international students publication, initiated by a group of students of the IKA, the Institute of Art and Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. The annual publication series serves as a blank space for everyone’s ideas. It might be nothingness and emptiness, but it also is the potential to be filled by our imagination. They see it as a free space, as a start, perhaps a challenge – an opportunity for sure!

Artworks from more than 60 students
160 Pages, 3 kinds of paper

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