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Ukraine for Peace. Emergency Charity

It is easy to be overwhelmed and helpless. But let’s not find ourselves paralysed. We can all help! We can all share resources and hope! And we can actively help people on the ground! It is really hard to put into words what we are currently feeling about the situation in Ukraine - in Europe.

There is an actual war on our continent that made the world seem to have become a different place overnight. People are picking up guns to defend their country, their livelihoods and their freedom. We all know that it is not only about Ukraine, but it concerns all Europe and the European soul. Easily taken for granted, one realises very quickly that it is important to protect our democracy and the freedom with all means. ​ That’s why we are asking you to support Ukrainian people by donating money!

The proceeds will go to small organisations in Ukraine supporting medics, artists and families. It was a careful sourcing process. All the groups are self-organised volunteers whom we either know personally or whom our family members and friends in Ukraine know. We are trying to bypass the big organisations and the middle man to provide the financial aid where it’s needed urgently. Thank you so much for your support – it means a lot to us. ​

Love, Daniel Spivakov & Lina Stallmann

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Very special thank you to Tony Nguyen for volunteering, raising funds and awareness. Anne Rubesam and Daniel Kehlmann for the support and good spirit. Frank Barkow for providing a space