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What is Kunstmatrix?

Kunstmatrix Technologies GmbH is a leading provider of digital tools, specialized in the art market. We deliver flexible and powerful products that transform the way art is presented, organized and sold online. Kunstmatrix works as a SAAS provider for its products and offers additional agency services for clients with advanced requirements such as consulting, feature development, special architecture, etc.

Kunstmatrix is the world leader in virtual exhibitions, with over 6000 public exhibitions and millions of visitors. We currently offer the following products in four different packages (Basic, Regular, Professional, Premium):

• Art.Spaces is a unique tool that lets you create beautiful 3D presentations of your art to impress art lovers and collectors in a 3D virtual exhibition on the web.
• Art.Augmented provides the ability to preview your works in any space as an augmented reality app.
• Art.Office is our internal product for managing artworks and exhibitions.

Additionally, we offer Art.Fair – an enhanced solution of Art.Spaces that focuses on highly customized art fairs to virtually present hundreds of exhibitions as a unified event.

History and Team:
In 2007, Christoph Lauterbach and Hartwig Bentele decided to use their skills and experience in programming, architecture, 3D modelling and entrepreneurship to build „one of those“ Berlin- based Start-Ups: Kunstmatrix. In 2008, they were joined by Prof. Dr. Kristian Hildebrand, who recognized the potential of the ideas behind Kunstmatrix and brought the scientific background and networks as well as his programming skills to the company. Working steadily towards the goal of providing ever better solutions in the art market, Kunstmatrix develops powerful and extremely flexible software solutions. This software covers the needs of artists, galleries, collectors, museums, auction houses and art fairs. With a strong focus on providing the best technology, Kunstmatrix was the first to offer self-curated exhibitions (2009), a „trial hanging“ augmented reality app (2012), a „virtual art fair“ (2014), and the prototype of Art VR with the first available devices. Choosing the art market as a launching point was a mixed blessing. Kunstmatrix was always profitable, thanks to the diversity and openness of its participants. And it always found a sympathetic ear, even though digitization in this market was extremely slow. This led to slow, organic growth until 2017, when the focus shifted to artists and small galleries in the international market, especially in the US. With this decision, growth accelerated and Kunstmatrix was able to expand its business and team. Since the beginning of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, the art community is discovering digital tools and made Kunstmatrix the leading provider of virtual exhibitions today.

Kunstmatrix – Demo gallery by Kunstmatrix