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Kendra Storm Rae. Four To The Floor

This is a photography and digital art book based on fashion in the Berlin techno scene. The book is created by Kendra Storm Rae and Arne Rae. Two artists residing in Berlin, Germany. Over the course of a year and a half, Kendra took pictures of over 90 individuals from the techno scene in Berlin. She headed out on the dance floor connecting with people based on the types of outfits they were raving in.
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She enjoyed being able to make personal and lasting connections with the people involved in the project.

Where did the idea come from? 
Kendra, being a techno lover herself and heavily involved in exploring Berlin’s techno clubs, found herself immersed in a scene bursting with people who possessed creative and diverse fashion styles. In Berlin, the general unspoken rule is that you cannot take photos inside nightclubs but Kendra still wanted to capture the style of the people through her lens. She believes this scene possesses a very special type of fashion that is currently emerging. 

How did you create the photos?
Due to Berlin’s strict photography restrictions, the photos were created on a white backdrop with an on-camera flash. The aim was to keep the images authentic, raw and minimalistic.  It was very important to show respect to each individual in the book by letting them express their true nature while exposing themselves to Kendra’s camera. Many people who participated in the book were not used to having their photo taken. They arrived at the studio in their dancing and clubbing outfits exactly as they would for a night of dancing. Kendra then captured the essence and personality of each person for her book. 

A little history on Kendra:
Kendra is a Berlin-based fashion and beauty photographer.  While dancing and spending time at these parties, she realized that in reality fashion is not always perfect. It is a true expression of the individual and you find the real raw style at a Berlin techno party. There are no limits and boundaries to expressing yourself through your appearance. Kendra wanted to use her skills as a trained photographer to give you a peek into the world of techno in Berlin and the style that embodies it. 

The design of the book. 
When the photography work was complete, Arne Rae took over to add his special touch to this project. Arne who also has a personal connection to German techno parties will add his artistic perspective. Each page will depict Arne’s interpretation of the Berlin techno scene and his own personal expression of it through his digital art.

Positive features of this book.
The book demonstrates that the underlying message behind these images is love. The Berlin techno scene is one of acceptance, free expression and connection through music and style. You won’t find judgement or criticism here. The scene breaks societal norms of conformity and uniformity and allows each individual to be their authentic self while they dance together. 

The Berlin techno scene is one of acceptance, free expression and connection through music and style. You won’t find judgement or criticism here.

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