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Book. merritt k – LAN Party

Before high-speed internet connections and online servers, playing a multiplayer PC game meant hauling your bulky monitors and towers to a friend’s place, convention centre or church basement for a LAN (local area network) party.
Merritt K – LAN Party

These sweaty, junk-food-enriched glory days represented the origins of real community spirit in computer gaming’s early days. It’s strange to consider that, as gaming has moved away from physicality towards online spaces, images of gawky teens huddled around computers running Quake or Starcraft have since become subjects of genuine nostalgia.

Merritt K – LAN Party

Many LAN party attendees were early adopters of new tech, so digital cameras abounded at these events. The photos produced by these devices were often low-resolution, blurry and badly lit. In their imperfections and limitations, they represent the messy, ad-hoc approach to computing typical of the LAN party – network cables snaking across recreation centre floors, a monitor perched on a kitchen counter, burned CD copies of games labelled in marker pen.

True to the community spirit of the book’s contents, LAN Party author Merritt K pitched the idea for this publication through Twitter and received over 100,000 likes. Merritt has now partnered with Volume to bring her sought-after idea to life, creating a beautifully produced, high-quality photobook crowdfunded as a special edition, to document a well-loved era in gaming history.

Merritt K – LAN Party

LAN Party will be published by specialist gaming-history imprint Read-Only Memory and includes exclusive contributions from the likes of Rupert Lomas (Gamer Network, Eurogamer), Kat Bailey (IGN) and more.

About the author: merritt k is a writer, editor and podcaster living in New York. She is the creator of Forgotten Worlds, a video series exploring Y2K-era internet culture, as well as several works of interactive fiction. Regrettably, she never owned anything resembling a gaming PC during the heyday of the LAN party.

Specification: 280 × 180mm, 176 pages, Hardcover Printing in six colours
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